NFL Quarterbacks on CFL Teams


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Let’s have fun with this. Imagine if NFL Quarterbacks played in the CFL? There has been some in the past that have played in both leagues. Joe Kapp, Warren Moon, Joe Theismann, Doug Flutie, Dieter Brock, and Vince Ferragamo just to name a few.

Let’s make a list based on great Quarterbacks that play, or played in the NFL; but are now on CFL teams. The theme is to base it on the Quarterback who played in a certain city and or region that would translate to a CFL region and or city.

The obvious, Quebec is a French speaking province. Louisiana has a deep rooted Cajan and French history. Therefore, pick a New Orleans Saints Quarterback who is now on the Montreal Alouettes. The Montreal Alouettes select Drew Brees. Hamilton is a Steel Town just like Pittsburgh. The obvious is there in what you can pick. Terry Bradshaw, Ben Roethlisberger just to name a few. For this example, you can also pick a Rust Belt City. Let’s also add an Honorable Mention. Here we go.

Toronto Argonauts

The biggest city in Canada. I’m leaning to the New York Giants on this one for the sole fact that they have a far more winning history than the NY Jets. The current NY Giants Quarterback is Daniel Jones. The current NY Jets Quarterback is Sam Darnold. I’m going to skip on both. No offense to both, but they only have been in the NFL for 2 seasons. I’m going to past Quarterbacks.

Modern: Eli Manning, and Phill Simms
Historical: Y.A. Tittle.

Hamilton Tiger – Cats

For this I’m going for the obvious in the same colours of Pittsburgh. However, I’m also going to include Buffalo as it’s a Rust Belt City. Furthermore, its only about a little over an hour drive, and about 112 Kilometers away.

Modern: Jim Kelly, and Ben Roethlisberger.
Historical: Terry Bradshaw.

Ottawa Red Blacks

For this one I’m going towards the Washington Football Team. It’s only fitting to pick from the United States of America Capital in Washington DC, as it is the same historically for Ottawa, Canada.

Modern: Alex Smith and Joe Theismann.
Historical: Sonny Jurgensen.

Montreal Alouettes

For this one I’m leaning totally towards Louisiana as mentioned prior.

Modern: Drew Brees, Aaron Brooks, Bobby Hebert, and Jim Everett
Historical: Archie Manning

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

This is where it will be a little complicated. For this I can pick a regional area as I’m now in the Midwest / Central zone. I’m going to lean on the Minnesota Vikings for this one. With St. Paul and Minneapolis, there is no comparison on the size of population. St. Paul’s Minneapolis has estimated population of 3.28 Million, as opposed to Winnipeg at 749,000. There is a Winnipeg to Minnesota connection. And it begins and ends with the legend of Head Coach Bud Grant. One of the very few that are inducted in both the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Modern: Kirk Cousins, Warren Moon, Daunte Culpepper, and Rich Gannon.
Historical: Fran Tarkenton, and Joe Kapp

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Football was not invented is Saskatchewan or Green Bay, but it should have been. Both small cities could not be so similar in which they most likely are Sister Cities. Both have football roots going back to the late 1800’s.

Modern: Aaron Rogers and Bret Favre
Historical: Bart Starr

British Columbia Lions

Geographically I can pick a lot of teams on the West Coast. But Vancouver is not Oakland, and its not like a Los Angeles. I mean it is a city where it is the most expensive in all of Canada, and the whole province of British Colombia. They make a lot of movies and TV shows out of Vancouver. But I’m not going to go on that. But if I’m going on cost of living, then I’m leaning towards San Francisco.

Modern: Jimmy Garoppolo, Alex Smith, and Colin Kaepernick.
Historical: Joe Montana, and Steve Young.

Calgary Stampeders

It all comes down to both Alberta Teams. Alberta with a rich history of the oil, gas, oil sands, agriculture, and the cattle industry. It is very similar to what Texas is to the USA. However, the Western Alberta part has the Rocky Mountains similar to a Colorado when you factor in the climate. Texas does not have a Mountain Range. So, I’m going to look towards Calgary as Denver since they are closer to the Rocky Mountains, while Edmonton is more flat lands.

Modern: Peyton Manning
Historical: John Elway

Edmonton Football Team (I really hope they use the name Elks for their next name)
Edmonton has such a winning history. There Grey Cup total is only 2nd to my beloved Toronto Argonauts. My pick will be similar to the Winnipeg pick. I’m choosing Dallas for the sole purpose of the flat lands, and the winning history.

Modern: Dak Prescott, Troy Aikman
Historical: Roger Staubach, and Don Meredith

Well there you have it. Please have your say. Well I guess the Manning family made the list.

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In general any of the NFL QBs who played in USFL would have been fairly easy to sign (if scouted) as majority of them were deemed "unfit" to play in NFL for various reasons

Guys like Doug Flutie and Steve Young are the biggest who spring to mind but there were lots of other USFL vets who would have made the jump far easier than many college kids

Jim Kelly, Bobby Hebert, Chuck Fusina, John Reaves, Doug Williams all would have been stars up here

Also since you mentioned him; we often get QBs like Moon because the US is far more racist. They do not like to start people like him in the thinking mans position. In recent years it has lessened but since this was the year to discuss systemic racism you need look no further than the NFL

Here's a USFL side story about the latest fan of the CFL, Norman "Boomer" Esaison. When the USFL teams was signing players for their rosters. Norman was getting offers from several USFL teams. He turned them down so he can be the first overall pick. He went in the second round instead.

Norman thought so highly of himself with all the more high profile college stars(Walker, Flutie, Kelly, R, White, S. Young etc) forgoing the NFL for the USFL that he would be the first overall pick. He was so wrong

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