NFL QB Mike McMahon to Sign in Toronto Tuesday or Weds.

With Damon Allen on the free agent market and Michael Bishop heading to the Arena League, the Toronto Argonuats have reportedly signed a quarterback.

According to the Globe and Mail, the team will announce on Tuesday or Wednesday that they have agreed to a deal with former NFL quarterback Mike McMahon.

McMahon, who was in Toronto last week for a workout reportedly turned down a potential offer from the Cleveland Browns.

McMahon spent the first four seasons of his career with the Detroit Lions. After being released, McMahon spent 2005 with the Eagles where he threw for five touchdowns and 1,158 yards. He completed 94 of 207 passes.

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He did not play a down in the NFL last season after being cut by the Eagles, then was signed and cut by the Minnesota Vikings.

The 28-year old is highly regarded for his athletic skills and his ability to throw on the run, qualities he could utilize in the CFL.

If Damon Allen re-signs with the Argonauts as expected, McMahon could still be battling for the starting job.

wow the argos are officially not going to make the playoffs.

arrgooos es you see kay!

As I do not watch the NFL, can someone please tell me the book on this new guy McMahon.
Does he have a good arm, mobile, can he read defense, happy feet and why was he cut from a bad team?

mobile yes, throw power n accuracy hell no. read defences meh yeh but his throws r never on target happy feet no stays calm then runs around like an idiot

Projects like Crouch and now McMahon is not what the Argos need. Maybe keeping one or both to learn the game and eventually step into the first string role.
I guess in a way this is the teams failure for not developing or signing a relatively young QB with alot of CFL experience.
The Damon era is over and the closest thing we have to someone stepping in this crucial GC year is Michael Bishop. The guy has been around and has had a sniff for several years and I believe is ready to step up. Just like the flashes during the playoffs last year and a couple years back when he played in seven games while Damon was injured.

Well aren't you negative against your team.
It seems like Wynn did pretty good last year, perhaps had Wynn had a Running back last year and his OL didn't let guys get clean shots on him he would have had a better year.

The offence didn't seem to move too well but what were the Running backs doing to help him(williams) Make Wynn need to go 2nd and 15?

The Argos Overall are pretty old and need to retool badly.

O, Golly! He's played in the NFL so he'll simply DOMINATE in Canada. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey i thought i heard that last year when they brought in ricky williams!! haha :stuck_out_tongue: the argos always try and sign NFL players to get more people to buy there tickets, that receiver from the eagles, now this guy, crouch williams, like man produce ur own talent and stop tryna sell tickets the easy way!! WIN GAMES THE RIGHT WAY! ARGOS S U C K

Shades of Rickey Williams...LOL

Interesting that he turned down an offer from Cleveland to try out with the Argos. Be interesting to see how the depth chart goes.

Hey Papa......You might be able to get Spergon Wynn back in Bomberville! :wink:

yeah the Argos are the only team in the league that signs players cut from the develop players, they still come from somewhere... NFL, NCAA, CIS... somewhere...
that depth chart is still WIDE open for QB

Right now McMahon is in the same position as Mike Quinn was with Winnipeg last year. Quinn was an 8-year NFL backup, but was thrown into the CFL fire...and got burnt.

McMahon may have actually played some games, but his sub-par under-50% completion ratio does not bode well, especially with one less down to work with. In the CFL having an accurate passer is crucial for success. And good O-line protection don't hurt either.

But the proof is in the pudding. Until he plays you never know how good he will be. He may just turn out to be the next Ricky Ray, ...or maybe the next Mike Quinn. :cowboy:

Would the right way be anything like Hamilton? Hows the 3 year plan turning out? The Argos have won the cup and been in the East final twice while your Cats have perfected last place. Wait until your team can win before you take shots at the Argos, otherwise you just sound silly,,, or bitter.