NFL QB Menu: CFL Potential/Next Stop?

Here’s the “menu” of all of them more than likely for starting next season to find the next “Lemon” so to speak, so have it with the debate:

[url=] ... 447263-p=2[/url]

Note that some listed as CUT are already re-signed to practise squads or otherwise, so for them look to perhaps next season.

And of course most of us know it is not just any NFL QB, no matter what status, who could play in the CFL too. In fact IMHO from what I can tell it is usually the norm amongst at least those who are not starters if even them, for quite a few NFL offences are built around some starters for sake of “game management and possession/ball control/no turnovers” more than the battle for field position via high completion % passing and mobility as we see with the CFL offences in higher proportion IMHO.

The debate’s already started on Troy Smith and Pat White:


Names that stick out for me as far better than those two for mere future CFL potential, though still unproven and in order of my opinion, are the following.

Seneca Wallace
Tim Tebow
Dennis Dixon
Colt Brennan/Chase Daniel

Long Shots In Any League, But Worth A Glance?
Luke McCown
Shaun Hill

Otherwise off to the rookie names or otherwise not even on this NFL list including cuts whether or not those cuts are now on practise squads.

Tim Tebow? Agreed that his skills would make him an intriguing CFL QB prospect, however there's no chance he's here anytime in the next 4-5 years. Josh McDaniel's coaching job is tied to him. They will give him every opportunity to succeed, and seeing as how the Broncos will be Orton's team this year and maybe next while they try to groom Tebow, after which he'll have at least a season or 2 to prove himself, then maybe someone else giving him a 2nd chance if he flops. He's on the Als neg list I believe. Wallace, McCown, and Hill won't be putting on a CFL jersey anytime soon. They've been hangin in the NFL for a while and most of the teams won't look to bring an older NFL QB but would look at a younger talent. Toronto is the main team that takes chances on aging NFL players at any position, hence Cleo Lemon and Ken Dorsey.

You have to be able to make the wide side throw in the CFL, Cleo Lemon can which is why he's here. I'm still not sold on him, but he has the tools to play in this league.

Lemon has shown promise, but as a QB I think most CFL coaches would probably like to develop a younger guy who hasn't been through 5-6 years of being molded into NFL style quarterbacking (ie sit in the pocket, throw the ball away if nothing available, don't rush the ball cause we don't want you to get hurt). Tebow is the perfect example. Right now he can drop back and throw and tuck the ball and run. In 2 years when he's getting his full shot as the Broncos #1 guy, do you think he'll still be running the ball much? Its harder to undo that with a more veteran quarterback I think.

Was Chase Clement worth a darn when with Hamilton last year (and before I began following the CFL closely)? Here he is toiling in the UFL:

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Two of these guys listed below in Wallace and Hill starting today in the NFL go figure.

On another note that is quite sad, I think Dixon is done for good given the above development today and his injury history regarding that same knee.

The bottom line is that it is a short list of even feature QBs for either league right now and I can't remember a time when new blood was needed at the QB position more sorely ...the backups with skills to be starters such as McPherson and Wallace are a rare breed indeed.

If you look at most of the QBs in the CFL - you dont see alot of them coming from big schools where they play more NFL-style systems....Ray, Burris, Calvillo, Glenn came out of schools NFL teams arent even looking at. I think there is more free-wheeling and improv encouraged with smaller programs (a QB at a top 25 school takes a run and gets hurt - that could cost a bowl game and millions of dollars to a school...).

Guys like Jim Barker, Eric Tillman etc. are great at finding those diamond in the rough guys.

So I dont think you will see many NFL cuts coming here to start at QB.

He lasted less than two days here.

Hi guys:

New poster here. Oddly, Seneca Wallace has learned to play more of an NFL style game since coming out of college. He seldom scrambles anymore like he did at Iowa State. He looked pretty bad today for Cleveland, and threw an awful INT for a touchdown. Still you could do worse..

I cant see Shaun Hill coming, he is a decent NFL backup. Perhaps Tarvaris Jackson?

Great review on Seneca Wallace BigJim and perhaps the case will be closed on him should he not have the chance to redeem himself this season that bad performance at home against the normally lowly Chiefs who are 2-0! :o

On Shaun Hill I say the jury is out, as his overall stats were still not quality starter material yesterday but we shall see as he'll have more chances in Detroit. If Hill keeps up what he's doing now, it's become a journeyman backup to hold clip boards or try the CFL for him next season but I'll be watching him closely more now.

The Muck great point and will get back to you on it as I do some research in a few more weeks, as I think you are well on the right track with your excellent observation on the origin of most of the successful CFL QBs.

Otherwise I think we can remove Luke McCown from that list for the CFL below and perhaps for sake of his career other than perhaps holding a clipboard and spot duty until some rookie can oust him, as just like Dixon yesterday he re-injured the same knee:

[url=] ... i-his.html[/url]

The short list of guesses at NFL veterans who are young enough for sake of CFL potential, a la another "Lemon," has gotten just that much shorter.

Ought we add Trent Edwards to the list below?

Meanwhile Wallace and Hill are performing respectably though not winning games in the NFL.

The jury is out on the others on the "menu" not injured, and for sake of Tarvaris Jackson I say hell no for sake of the CFL too.

In partial response to a commenter on a different post, and as an update of sorts to my original post, at this stage of the NFL season here is whom you could have in the CFL most likely somewhere down the road if at all in my view:

Seneca Wallace
Shaun Hill
Tim Tebow
Colt Brennan/Chase Daniel

Long Shot In Any League, But Worth A Glance?
Luke McCown

I’d take all those guys for sake of the CFL for at least a tryout over the massive loser list of NFL QBs I put together in a separate thread: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=61509

One key simple difference is that any NCAA QBs who are less than about 6-2 in height minimum (many coaches won't bother any more with guys who are less than 6-3) generally are passed over for the NFL as the odds of success go down immensely given the heights of the linemen on both sides of the ball ...there just are not many Doug Fluties or even better Drew Brees out there folks ... ...consider right now of the stars or feature QBs in the league on the following list of QBs that there is only Drew Brees at 6-0.

And Brees had a mediocre career starting out and has had a miracle comeback from that shoulder injury in his last game in San Diego ...and who was his mentor in part there in his early days? None other than Doug Flutie!

[url=] ... 447263-n=1[/url]

If there is to be another "short" quarterback prospect who will be star in the NFL, well I guess place your bets on ...Colt McCoy (6-1). :roll: I say he'll bust though he had a decent first game in a rout by the Steelers.

Forgot ...remove Luke McCown from my second list below too.

TJack has gotten a bum rep outta Minnesota. He played decently for a young QB when given the opportunity early on his career, he made rookie mistakes and for that he was benched in favour of Brad Johnson and Gus Frerotte. The problem is 1. that there have always been high expectations in Minny given how well the rest of the team was stacked and they didn't have the time to be patient with a young QB and 2. Brad Childress was considered to be some QB guru and given wayyyyyyy to much credit for developing McNabb from his time in Philly. Personally, I think the only thing holding back the Vikings is Childress. TJack has the skills to be a good CFL QB - strong arm and mobility. Does he have what it takes between the ears? TBD. Regardless, he won't be up in the CFL soon. I think this is the last year of his contract, and regardless of what happens with the NFL CBA he will get another NFL contract and another NFL shot. He'll have at least 2-3 more years in the NFL to try make it, either as a starter or capable backup. By the time he's out of NFL options, he'll be too old IMO to come up. I think that watching Lemon play this year is a bit of a warning as to what can happen when you bring up an older player who's basically out of NFL options. The discussion is better suited to looking at teams' 3rd QB and backups who teams aren't sold on which might be available in the next year or 2. I will say this, one guy who I think could really develop up here and tear it up would be the Vikings #3 guy, Joe Webb.

Excellent commentary though for sure not sold on Tarvaris Jackson for the CFL either.

Good call on the potential of Joe Webb, but then again might he be only a lower drafted version of Pat White in two years?

We ought put together a list of prospects to add to the names such as I put down below, as in fact most if not all of the following will either remain in the NFL or as you explain well merely might be other Lemons (no pun intended).

But then again there is that NFL lockout looming too right?

Bernie Morris who played @ Marshall a few years back
Omar Jacobs who PLayed @ Bowling Green
There are so man QB who were cut fro the Nfl I can name 50 kids who can be given a shot

Was Jacobs the one who went to the Steelers? If so, I think he might be a guy who could play in the CFL.

Yes he did play for the steelers

I remember him. He came out his junior year, if I'm not mistaken. He had all the tools. I think in his sophomore or junior year he had some ridiculously low INT total, like four or five. He was a good QB from what I remember. I don't get many MAC games up here, but I remember him being a very talented player (I believe there were Ben Roethlisberger comparisons, as in he could be the next MAC QB to succeed in the NFL), but I think him leaving school early hurt him. But maybe he got bad advice. I wonder what he's up to now.