NFL preseason

Boring as watching paint dry but did Anyone else watch the Bears Jags last night to see Chris Williams play? I confess I did but apparently he's injured.

I don't see him coming back to CFL especially the Cats but if he did I would pumped. He would be just what we needed. Great returner and incredible speed at the wideout spot (not that Dan can throw it deep to him :wink: ) and surprisingly durable for a little dude.
Speed on the outside maybe a reason for Grant having a slower year.

A recent update on William's hamstring injury:

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can this get moved to the "other leagues" forum?

I watch the NFL when i need to get to sleep

I saw his 73 yard touchdown reception in the first game. Bobbled it, but managed to hang on without breaking stride. Probably the most interesting part was that the DB, after getting beat on Williams' cut around him, chased him down and caught him just as he was about to hit the goal line. I'm thinking it's maybe one of the first times Williams has had to play against someone who's faster than he is. Was he slowed up because of the injury he received on the play, was the injury a result of having to run as fast as he could in order to try to stay ahead of the DB, or was the injury from the shoestring tackle at the goal line? (Or maybe it was from the TD celebration?) Anyway, he stayed in the game for the two-point convert, but was on the bench the rest of the game.

If somebody is in Ti-Cats chat directly from the Ti-Cats website - which is how many people get here - there is not an 'Other Leagues' forum. That is in the forums - two different things!

If somebody doesn't want to read about the NFL pre-season and a discussion about an injury to a former CFL and Ti-Cats player - just don't come to this friggin thead titled 'NFL preseason'. Geesh!

im assuming no one else would share in my excitement if # 80 came back to the Cats?

The guy is an amazing football talent. I wouldn't mind if he came back and scored a bunch of touchdowns for us. I don't like the way he left, but I can't say I wouldn't have been tempted to do the same thing in his situation. Remember that by the end of last season, he had already made more money not playing in the NFL than he did in his two years with the Ticats plus what he would have made had he played the final year of his contract.

I hope for his sake that he makes the Bears' roster. With Trestman calling the shots there, I think he has a good chance, even if his injury keeps him out of action for the rest of the pre-season.

Why bother? He'd just bail if something better was possible.

And besides Banks - we've scored special team touchdowns and had back to back special teams players of the week with McDuffie and Banks. So for the first time since Williams left our return game doesn't seem to be an issue any more.

Actually did TRY to watch the game but of course didn't see Williams and just assumed that being preseason he wasn't playing in this game but would play in another. Didn't know he was injured. Don't remember him ever being injured as a Ticat.

Even if he did return to the CFL I highly doubt that Austin would sign him after last season's fiasco. Besides we already have Speedy B and McDuffie (forgot his nickname) and plenty of receivers so it is hardly a pressing need.

Return game - I agree. You cannot, however, discount his deep-threat receiving ability, something that Austin has not, IMHO, addressed properly.

Or his crossing pattern, going with a total mismatch against a linebacker. Those were some of his biggest plays as it got him the ball in the open in the middle of the field, and allowed him to use his speed and moves to get huge gains.