NFL Preseason game in Winnipeg

Seems the old thread is gone.

Bombers saying they are only renting the stadium to On Ice Management Ltd.

Nothing came up when I googled it but there was something close related to a exhibition soccer match in Regina in 2017 involving the New York Cosmos.

Hope it works out. I have zero interest.


TSN, the CFL rights holder, will air the NFL preseason game from Winnipeg,
but they will not broadcast WPGpreseason games? ???

20000 free tickets like most NawFuL games in Canada!



Not a big draw

Anybody that pays $450 for a preseason nfl game has more money than …

Nobody recall the debacle in the Bills in Toronto series? Lol

I once went to a bills game at orchid park many years ago.
I went because it was our hockey team got a travel package, bills and a sabre game (at the old aud) in the same day.

The bills and packers played. Final score was 6-3. In the first half both teams attempted a total of less than 10 passes (it sure seemed that way) How fun was it to scream out loud “what do you think the play is going to be?” Answer “HANDOFF!”
Weather was cool but dry.
And the atmosphere? Let’s see, 3 people puked beside us (Drunk due to tailgating" There was a fight two rows behind us, all because someone had to wear a pack sweater and people were throwing beer and other projectiles at each other. All this BEFORE the national anthem!
Appreciate the CFL my friends.

No one wasting their money…that’s a shame.

Here’s another one:


Funny. I don’t feel sorry for those people at all…


Tsk, tsk. Yes, a real shame!


I wonder if the organizers will resort to papering the venue?


At least the organizers at Touchdown Atlantic at least recognized they needed to lower the prices - still buffoons for setting them inthe first place.

This is worse than the Bills in Toronto Series. Place will be pretty empty and well deserved.

Yeehaw. NFL preseason is utter garbage.

Pretty much.

The only reason I even watch is to see college players with that life-long dream that will never get on a pro field again. Those are the guys who are working their butts off to try to stick on a team, but never will. I admire them, and they deserve some recognition.

CFL needs to be scouting this game for players. So many good players in the NFL will be cut by Labour day

Agreed. Many times they don’t get on the roster due to conditions beyond their control, such as deep depth charts.

For sure and as discussed in the NFL to CFL thread in the main room, cap moves for seasoned younger veterans of 3 or 4 seasons …therein like for Armanti Edwards lies the opportunity for a second career in the CFL

If only he had a better QB throwing to him now eh?

Get that nobody is going to pay to go to the game (few)

Will anyone bother to watch on tv?

I would see what the NFL field would look like at IGF and watch a few plays but won’t watch the entire game unless absolutely nothing else to watch . Exhibition games between the same league are boring .

Like the one’s where they play other leagues like the NHL , NBA or even MLB in Japan .

Now if they played a CFL team with switched halves like it’s 1960 with the Bombers against Raiders I would watch it all for sure .