NFL Preseason game at IGF

Just curious how many Blue Bomber fans will go to the pre-Season game on Aug 22nd? Prices are way out of whack.

Same fiasco in Toronto years ago…

Doesn’t look good…maybe 5,000 sold.

you are right, seems to be too much $$

$440 for a seat to a preseason game is more than I paid for the 100th GC game AND it’s the NFL, the league that needs an extra down to do what we do with less. Unbelievable. It’s almost as stupid as the prices for the Atlantic Bowl, now reduced !

Not just too much $$, but too little play for even far fewer $$s.


Hmm…I don’t see $440 prices anywhere on that link. Only-$160-190. Still way too high for a poor exhibition product.

$169.00 to $387.00

Ah thanks

I did see $440 somewhere but $387 is ridiculous enough too. Thanks Wumper.

Simplified/corrected for the sake of accuracy.


I may be crazy (hold that thought) but I just re-checked the link and Pinnacle seats are $439.25. Would you be interested in buying a thousand?

As well, 45-45 lower bowl west side now appear as $399.00, WTF?
I know I saw lower pricing last week…

Gotta get my scrip’s checked, I guess.

…Over priced for a nfl nothing game, and a bunch of rookies playing, who are no better than some of our pr guys…If they think that the Winnipeg football fans are a bunch of yokels…then they guessed wrong…IG will look like an empty cavern unless they start a price reduction and even then it’ll be a hard sell…

I’m not sure I understand the ticket buying public.
The upper deck corners are sold out, but you could move into way better seats for maybe twenty bucks.
Any thoughts?
Is the promoter playing games?
Are those being given away?

Spend your money on the Bombers; no point spending money on the NFL - just ask Rogers about the failed experiment in Toronto…what a waste.

Its not as if NFL will expand to Winnipeg…the only positive might be you can watch some of the players that will be cut…that end up in the CFL.

But optimism abounds!

“John Graham, who is handling the local promotion in Winnipeg, admitted to the Canadian Press that ticket sales are behind where he thought they’d be at this point, but he said there’s still plenty of time to generate fan interest before the game on August 22.”

Haven’t gone online to look but hearing pricing has dropped. Sounds like salvage what you can mode.

In the years ahead there will be something to be said for being one of the few to have attended.

Hopefully for those that did go they had fun and enjoyed the game.

Other than that I will be surprised if it happens again soon.