NFL Predictions Anyone?

First off I just wanted to let everyone know, University rules!!! We atleast the first week does! Once classes start, it may get more difficult. Right now I'm in the library posting this. Hope they don't mind. :lol: But anyway just wanted to give the NFL Fans on this site my predictions for this year. I encourage anyone to put their predictions as well. Oh and don't let this turn into an NFL Bashing Thread, because it clearly states 'NFL Predictions' on the title so if your only here to say "this is a cfl site not nfl" then screw off. Anyway here's my picks.


  1. New England: Three-peat in store for the Pats? 12-4
  2. New York Jets: Fight the Law, and the Law will win. 11-5*
  3. Buffalo: Solid D, Solid ST, Suspect O. 8-8
  4. Miami: Saban won’t save them. 4-12


  1. Cincinnati: Palmer will explode in his Third Season. 10-6
  2. Baltimore: Must Have Offensive Success to play in January. 9-7
  3. Pittsburgh: Sophomore Jinx for Big Ben? 9-7
  4. Cleveland: It’s going to be Difficult to be Dilfer. 3-13


  1. Indianapolis: Can Manning Beat New England? 12-4
  2. Houston: Carr is on the right road. 9-7*
  3. Tennessee: Henry and Brown will take pressure of a McNair. 7-9
  4. Jacksonville: No Real Threats in Northern Florida, could be a real bust of a season. 7-9


  1. Kansas City: Pray to the Priest to keep healthy. 10-6
  2. Oakland: Jordan and Moss will add depth to the bay. 9-7
  3. Denver: Plummer will have to keep it clean to stay out of the West’s toilet. 8-8
  4. San Diego: Will the Brees remain stronger the current of the Rivers? 7-9


  1. Philadelphia: Distractions + Injuries = bust, but they are in a Terrible Divison . 11-5
  2. New York Giants: Eli will Fly higher this season. 8-8
  3. Dallas: Bledsoe ain’t no lone star. 6-10
  4. Washington: Skin won’t naturally be red after this season. 3-13


  1. Minnesota: Will the Vikings finally the Kings of the North? 13-3
  2. Chicago: Surprise Surprise da Bears won’t be hibernating in January. 10-6*
  3. Green Bay: End of the Line for Favre? 7-9
  4. Detroit: Good thing the Redwings are back on. 2-14


  1. Carolina: Fresh, Healthy, and ready to regain 2003 form. 10-6
  2. Tampa Bay: Will Griese slip the Bucs back into the playoffs? 10-6*
  3. Atlanta: Vick doesn’t have the brain to succeed. It’s that simple. 8-8
  4. New Orleans: No matter where they’re playing, they’ll be losing. 5-11


  1. St. Louis: Martz and his Magic ways will have the Rams back in playoffs once again. 10-6
  2. Arizona: The Boldin and Fitzgerald duo could get very popular in the dessert. 9-7
  3. Seattle: Things could get very ugly in Seattle when this season is over. 6-10
  4. San Fransicsco: Rome wasn’t built in a day! This new Niner Era won’t be successful yet. 3-13

AFC Wild Card Round
Jets over Bengals
Chiefs over Texans

NFC Wild Card Round
Bears over St.Louis
Panthers over Buccaneers

AFC Divisonal Round
Colts over Jets
Patriots over Chiefs

NFC Divisonal Round
Vikings over Bears
Panthers over Eagles

AFC Championship Game
Patriots over Colts

NFC Championship Game
Vikings over Panthers

A good offense finally beats a good defence in 38-21 Victory for the Vikings over the Patriots.

I like to see the Saints or the Engels win the Super Bowl. Somebody who hasn't won it before ever in a long time.


  1. New England
  2. Buffalo wild card
  3. New York Jets
  4. Miami


  1. Pittsburgh:
  2. Baltimore:
  3. Cincinnati:
  4. Cleveland:


  1. Indianapolis:
  2. Jacksonville:
  3. Houston:
  4. Tennessee:

1 San Diego:
2. Kansas City:
3. Oakland:
3. Denver:


  1. Philadelphia:
  2. Washington:
  3. New York Giants:
  4. Dallas:


  1. Minnesota:
  2. Green Bay Wildcard
  3. Detroit:
  4. Chicago:


  1. Atlanta:
  2. New Orleans:
  3. Carolina:
  4. Tampa Bay:


  1. Seattle:
  2. St. Louis: wildcard
  3. Arizona:
  4. San Fransicsco:

but i really don't know all that much about the NFL. I follow it, but not that close.

First week of Uni is always nice. Everyone is happy. and nobody are wearing sweatpants yet. is what it will be, this is the only certainty.........lifted from The Onion.....

Another Saints Season Ruined Before It Begins

NEW ORLEANS�Front-office executives of the New Orleans Saints football team provided a much-needed dose of normalcy Monday when they announced that, for the 23rd year running, the Saints season had been ruined before it began. "I'd say this is even worse than when Mike Ditka traded away all our draft picks to get Ricky Williams," said Saints vice president of pro-personnel operations Bill Kuharich. "But there's one thing we Saints can always rely on: our chances for a winning season being sh!tcanned before we play a single down. We're proud to have carried on with this tradition despite everything." The National Football League has declined the Saints' "mercy rule" request to be allowed to forfeit all their home games, saying the team must set an example for its home city by being blown out in every contest.

Here's my prediction: The NFL won't be anywhere near as exciting as the CFL.

My Predictions.

(1)Monday night football will hype, hype, hype even the dullest matchups it can.

(2) We'll still have 4 hour games with replay contibuting 45 minutes of it.

(3) I'll probably fall asleep through half the Sunday games as 6-3 and 9-6 scores will be better than any sleeping pills I can buy over the counter.

(3) 6 More players will be arrested for beating their Wives, Girlfriends policemen, bouncers etc, etc, etc,

(4) 7 more players will test positive for a banned substance and claim..."I don't know how it got there???" or "Someone slipped it into my water bottle"....

(5) Randy Moss and Terrel Owens will participate in the next TV reality series...."who has the bigger ego?"

Ok. Here are my guesses :


  1. New England (Cant picture them anywhere else)
  2. Buffalo (Losman, McGahee, Evans something smells good in that kitchen)
  3. New York Jets (In a fight to the finish for 2nd spot)
  4. Miami (Thats what you get for wearing turquoise)


  1. Baltimore (Defensive nightmare)
  2. Pittsburgh (Big Ben wont be unfallable twice, but this is one confident team)
  3. Cincinnati (The Bengals are the Bengals)
  4. Cleveland (The Browns can only wish they were the Bengals! Lol)


  1. Indianapolis (Eh)
  2. Jacksonville (Ok. Theres a bit of wishful thinking in that choice. Like their D.)
  3. Houston (They cut Cheatwood and that will cost them big Just kidding)
  4. Tennessee (This team holds with masking tape.)


  1. Kansas City (Its now or never. A lot of great additions to the D this winter)
  2. San Diego (They found rythm, confidence and respect. Young team.)
  3. Oakland (Things will start well, but headcases will eventually thrash what was a good season)
  4. Denver (Could very well end with next years first round draft pick, if you know what I mean)


  1. Philadelphia (Good to the second-to-last drop)
  2. New York Giants (Unshiny second place in a sloppy division)
  3. Dallas (They will have nice cheerleaders again this year)
  4. Washington (Might improve to four victories)


  1. Minnesota (I hate them, but they will get there)
  2. Detroit (So many 1st rounders in that offense. Will upper their game for a chance of playing home in the Superbowl game)
  3. Chicago (Should be above-average)
  4. Green Bay (They will crash and burn at the bottom of the league because they have no one but aging Favre)


  1. Carolina (This is the most unpredictable division. Anyone could end up on top)
  2. Atlanta (Great special units. Flamboyant offence. Dont like Vick but hes doing his thing right. Warrick Dunn is great both on and off the field)
  3. Tampa Bay (Will battle it out with the Falcons)
  4. New Orleans (Okay. I know I said anyone could end up on top, but.. .come on. The stadium dont even have a complete roof anymore.)


  1. Arizona (No kidding. This had to happen some day.)
  2. St. Louis (Above-average team)
  3. Seattle (Always doing good untill they shoot themselves in the foot, the knee, and eventually the head)
  4. San Francisco (This is San Franciscos new dynasty : if you cant stay committed to the top, be committed to the bottom)

AFC Wild Card Round

  • Pittsburgh over Baltimore
  • Kansas City over Buffalo

NFC Wild Card Round

  • Atlanta over Minnesota
  • Arizona over Detroit

AFC Divisonal Round

  • Indianapolis over Pittsburgh
  • Kansas City over New England

NFC Divisonal Round

  • Philadelphia over Arizona
  • Carolina over Atlanta

AFC Championship Game

  • Kansas City over Indianapolis

NFC Championship Game

  • Carolina over Philadelphia


  • Kansas City over Carolina

AFC East:
New England Patriots - 13-3 – The dynasty continues
Buffalo Bills – 10-6 – The offence carries the team
New York Jets – 10-6 – Come out just behind the Bills
Miami Dolphins – 5-11 – Even with Ricky back this teams going no where

AFC North:
Baltimore Ravens – 11-5 – Strong defence continues to lead them
Pittsburgh Steelers – 10-6 – Can Ben do it all over again????
Cincinnati Bengals – 8-8 – Just manage a 50/50 season
Cleveland Browns – 2-14 – Common now it’s the Browns

AFC South:
Indianapolis Colts – 12-4 – Peyton continues his greatness
Jacksonville Jaguars – 10-6 – The Jags pull a few out of no where
Houston Texans – 9-7 – Just manage a winning season
Tennessee Titans – 5-11 – Titans continue to go down hill

AFC West:
San Diego Chargers – 12-4 – Another great season ahead for Tomlinson
Kansas City Chiefs – 11-5 – Amazing offence not so great defence
Denver Broncos – 8-8 – There not that bad but there not that good either
Oakland Raiders – 7-9 – Moss cant do everything

NFC East:
Philadelphia Eagles – 13-3 – Another great year ahead for the Eagles
Dallas Cowboys – 10-6 – Bledsoe does some good things for them
New York Giants – 7-9 – Yet another losing season for Giants fans
Washington Redskins – 6-10 – Whos the big name players on there team again?

NFC North:
Green Bay Packers – 11-5 – Favre continues to lead the Bay
Detroit Lions – 9-7 – There RB continues his greatness
Minnesota Vikings – 8-8 – Without Moss Culpepper will be a sitting duck
Chicago Bears – 4-12 – Nothing good ahead for the Bears

NFC South:
Carolina Panthers – 12-4 – Even with half the starters being second string they do great
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 10-6 – The backfield and defence do it all this year
Atlanta Falcons – 8-8 – Vick goes down the drain
New Orleans Saints – 5-11 – No stadium=No home wins

NFC West:
San Francisco 49ers – 10-6 – Surprise team of the year
Arizona Cardinals – 8-8 – Somehow manage 8 wins
St Louis Rams – 6-10 – No team again
Seattle Seahawks – 3-13 – Just like the Rams no team

Im not doing a full thing of playoff picks. But I will say Chargers win the Superbowl.

finally someone got the NFC north right

I honestly dont know how anybody can say that the Vikings are gonna be on top of the NFC north after losing Moss :lol: Also why do you all think that the Packers are gonna do bad this season. There a good team they always do fairly well. Well as long as the have Favre they will do well :wink:

Im not doing this big long list im just doing the Superbowl.

Jets and Eagles go head to head and Eagles win it 68-55

NFC W-Seattle(9-7), St. Louis(8-8), Arizona(7-9), SF(2-14) NFCN-Minnesota(11-5), GB(8-8), Detroit(7-9), Chicago (3-13) NFCS-Carolina(10-6), Atlanta(10-6), TB(8-8), New Orleans(5-11) NFCE-Philadelphia(12-4), Dallas(8-8), NYG(6-10), Washington(4-12) AFCW-KC(11-5), SD(10-6), Oakland(9-7), Denver(6-10) AFCN-Pittsburgh(10-6), Cincinnati(9-7), Baltimore(8-8), Cleveland(4-12) AFCS-Indianapolis(12-4), Jacksonville(8-8), Houston(7-9), Tennessee(5-11) AFCE-NE(11-5), NYJ(10-6), Buffalo(8-8), Miami(2-14)