NFL Pre-Season

So, I emailed our office here at Taylor Field to give them an idea about having some NFL teams coming to Canada to play a few pre-season games. I think it would be kinda neat to see a NFL game here in Canada and my idea was that every city that has a CFL team will host a NFL game.... Am I crazy to think this would work or do some of you think its a good idea?

I know I would go. BUt you are gonna get a lot of flack on this one. Should be a heated argument. I think It would be a good money maker, and a good way to cross-promote the two leagues.

Looks pretty one sided to me does this promote the CFL in the states?

Supposedly they are connected somehow... Thats why Reebok sponsored the CFL this year :?:

I think Reebok sponsored the CFL beacuse they realize its rocketing in ratings ...and want to make more money in Canada, as would any other sponsor.. RANCH RANCH RANCH...ok I think wendy's stock went down after that commercial lol

Only if the NFL lets CFL play in America and/or promotes the league in america. "You do us a favor, we do you a favor".


Golly, 80% of the regular season puts me to sleep....God how will my heart take some 9-6 or 12-7 exhibition games.

A say no way, why would we let a joke league like that play on our fields. No way, they don't deserve our staduims or nothing. I'm in korea and now all thats in the sports bar is korean pig wrestling and nfl. the pigs score more points then any nfl team. CFL all the way.


They have had preseason games in Canada before - to Toronto.

If I remember correctly, the Bills' preseason game in the early 1990s drew around 40 000 people but they couldn't give away tickets to any of the other preseason games.

I for one wouldn't go either. Boring NFL rules combined with backup and rookie preseason talent (which we regularly see here in the CFL anyways) equals crappy football.

I love the NFL and want to one day eventually take some games in. But I could care less if I see a pre-season game. It's just not the real deal and doesn't count for anything.

Vancouver hosted one between San Fransisco and Seattle. They drew around 40,000 and just like Toronto....Gave away tons of tickets.