NFL Pool Week 3 Picks

west coast is amazing for sports - games ALL DAY

Insomnia will help with that. Not recommended but I will likely get through 3-4 rugby matches after the Bronc's/49ers are done.

Weeks when you get 12-15 hours sleep really suck though....

I told ya all ya might want to think twice about the Bills :slight_smile:


As did I before that. No one listened. They probably thought I was trying to lead my competition astray.

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oh yea i pick Giants to beat Cowboys on MNF

only because the cowboys cheerleaders are cheesier than a crappy boston pizza. :joy:

my football science is impeccable i know

sits and waits for the bros to lose their minds

edit - yes i know now that the MNF game doesn’t count this week :expressionless:

Careful. The Cowboys have been my favorite NFL team since 1971. But not because of the cheerleaders.


We will see how it goes against my Giants. (Been a fan since 2007 so nowhere as long as you)

hah! i have no team preference in the NFL. i’m a fan of whoever is playing good football or whoever i’ve picked in a pool :grin:

what hilarious is i totally figured you were a cowboy fan… not sure why tho.

You did. I will say that Tyler Bass Field goal miss proved huge but you still called it.

My reasoning in 1971 was disappointment at the Cowboys losing on a Jim O’Brien field goal with five seconds left. It was the first Super Bowl I watched and I had sympathy for the underdog and loser. Dallas has rewarded me with many Super Bowl wins since, but none for a long time.


The Giants are a somewhat surprising 2-0. I would normally easily pick Dallas in this matchup but without Prescott I think the Giants have to be favoured. Dallas did beat a better team in Cincinnati last week but I’m not convinced that will be a pattern. Plus the Giants are at home on national TV.

yea losing Prescott is big blow and the real reason i pick the giants. i was just being cheeky and getting a dig in on the cheerleaders :pizza:

Very surprising that the G-men are 2-0. Happy with wins but still not sold on Danny Dimes. Each win makes it harder to draft a top talent QB in the upcoming draft.

I want to see the Giants win streak end quickly. I will hold my nose and hope Dallas wins

If San Francisco wins I go .500 for 3 weeks in a row :joy:

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niners D is stuffing the broncos. denver fans are booing.

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Didn't they just sign their QB to a quarter billion dollar contract?

Does anyone want to win this game tonight?!?

no they wasted their money on a whiny baby who gave up on the team that made him.

srsly, LOD and marchawn lynch are what won the seahawks their only bowl. wilson is a scrambling overrated QB with a jupiter-sized ego IMO.

No wonder they're booing.

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