NFL Pool Standings Week 3

Well what can I say? That was a pretty tough week for pool participants. No one had a perfect record. Tony led the way with a stellar 5-1 record. Paul, BoBo and myself were next at 4-2. Two participants were 1-5 and one was 0-6 although I won’t name them. The rest were in between with plenty of 2-4’s. The games were extremely close so there wasn’t wild movement in the aggregate either way and those who picked the Ravens (+11) and Rams (+8) improved their aggregate even if they went 2-4.

For the second week in a row the entire field whiffed on a game. Last week it was the Browns losing to the Jets and this week it was the Bills losing to the Dolphins which all 19 of us got wrong. As for the rest 13 incorrectly picked the 49’ers, 12 the Seahawks, 10 the Bucs, 7 the Cards and 6 the Patriots.

Paul Ste Marie 10-4 (1) +92
Tony 10-4 (1) +92
Hometown Fan 9-5 (1) +94
Abbey 9-5 (1) +94
Mahal 9-5 (1) +76

Arnie 7-7 (1) +78
Mighty Goose 7-7 (1) +52
Grover 7-7 (1) +28
Jon 7-7 +24
Bobo 7-7 -28

USCDave 6-8 +50
TedT 6-8 +36
Squishy 6-8 +24
PWolf 6-8 +22

Paolo 5-9 +48
CFL Cats 5-5 +35
Stickweld 5-9 -6
IllinoisGuy 5-9 -18

AYC 4-4 +10
Maaax 4-10 -14

TalmudicDeer 2-2 +21

GridironGirl 0-1 -1

One take I have after this week is that it is a long season and it appears obvious that considerable movement up or down can happen in any week. Therefore someone who just joined us yesterday being GridironGirl isn’t out of it. Neither is anyone else. Remember only wins count. Losses are irrelevant. A couple of you also didn’t post picks this week. It appears one was due to circumstances. If you don’t post I will still have your record but if you don’t post two weeks in a row I won’t list you in the standings unless and until you post again.

When I started typing this Mahal hadn’t posted this week’s games yet but I expect he will soon. That will be another thread. I don’t know which games he has in mind but if you put in a good word he might go easier on us than I did this week.

Good luck to all!


Once again thank you Jon and Mahal.

Darn those Bills !! :wink:


#%*&$! Broncos. Had SF won it would have been the 4-2’s that were 5-1. That one point is the difference between idiot and genius, although I think this will be a rare week with all games so close.

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Having hit rock bottom I've nowhere to go but sideways or up. There's a good chance I'll get at least one pick right this week... right?! :grimacing:


You did get one right!

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It just kinda sucks being on the wrong side of 3 games all won by less than a field goal.

How many got the Jags/Chargers right?

late to the game or not i’m coming for you dorks. lol :joy:

negative one wooohoo

It wasn’t on the slate but if it was I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone got that one wrong as well. I would have.

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I would have.

Opps...mixed that up yesterday too...(chargers/rams)

My head is so bad this week....went to put my fruit salad on my breakfast tray this morning and put the jam jar on instead, then I grabbed the orange juice to put on my toast instead of the cheeze whiz....and the provincial government wonders if I'm disabled enough they should give me support....

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i picked the Jags

So you mean I'm wrong about getting them ALL wrong?!

Can I do ANYTHING right?

Ah ha here as a guy who went 0-6, as the adage goes, "If I'm going to be perfect and going to be wrong, I don't wanna be right!"

:no_mouth: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

Or something like that.


Yes indeed you sure screwed that one all up.

Cheers and may you get them all wrong or all right next time.

Mediocrity like that will get you nowhere in this contest or anywhere in all of life ya varmint!