NFL Pool Standings Week 2

Sorry for the late posting of the standings but I can tell you that Mahal and I sure have an appreciation for all the work Abby does in the much larger CFL Pool.

No one had a perfect week, unless you count 0-4 as being perfect. In fact the best record this week was a middling 2-2.

Everyone (all 21) erroneously picked the Browns. The Ravens were picked by 15. The Commanders by 12 and the Vikings by 8.

Hometown Fan 6-2 (1) +86
Abby 6-2 (1) +86
Mahal 6-2 (1) +76
Paul Ste Marie 6-2 (1) +76

Arnie 5-3 (1) +68
Tony 5-3 (1) +68
Mighty Goose 5-3 (1) +42
Paolo 5-3 + 76
USCDave 5-3 +76

Grover 4-4 (1) +34
Ted T 4-4 +34
Squishy 4-4 +32
PWolf 4-4 +26
AYC 4-4 +10

Jon 3-5 +2
Stickweld 3-5 -2
Maaax 3-5 -8
Illinois Guy 3-5 -10
Bobo 3-5 -36

TalmudicDeer 2-2 +21
CFL Cats 2-2 +21

As always, please let @mahalcflers or I know if you spot an error.

This week’s pick thread is up and ready for Week 3. Good luck!


Appreciate all the hard work!


Thank you for putting this together.

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No problem. It’s fun. More fun if I was doing better. Lots of time to catch up though.

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What do those numbers after the names represent?

Same as the CFL Pool. The number in brackets is the number of perfect weeks and is the first tiebreaker. That is why Arnie and Tony lead the 5-3 bracket and Grover leads the 4-4 bracket.

The second number is the aggregate +/- of all of the games you pick and is the second tiebreaker. For example, in Week 1 when Tampa beat Dallas 19-3, those who picked Tampa were given a +16 for that game and those who picked Dallas were given a -16. Every game counts and it is a running total. Because of the running total Abby and Hometown Fan are tied for first and you and Mahal are tied for third. There are a few other ties as you can see but that should sort itself out over time. Wins of course beats all. Losses don’t matter.

It took me a while to figure it out but once you understand it’s really not that hard.


Thanx Dan.

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If I tell you that I've made 5 errors so far will I shatter your faith in my infallibility?

Ouch! I’m worse at picking NFL games than CFL games.
And I’m terrible at picking CFL games!

Look on the bright side of life. We’re only 3 games out of first place!

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