NFL Pool Standings Week 1

Eight people had a perfect week.

Mighty Goose 4-0 (1) +65
Hometown Fan
Paul Ste Marie

Paolo 3-1 +55
Squishy 3-1 +55
Jon 3-1 +33
AYC 3-1 +33
USC Dave 3-1 +23
Maaax 3-1 +23
Prairie Wolf 3-1 +23

Illinois Guy 2-2 +13
Ted T 2-2 +13
BoBo 2-2 -23

Stickweld 1-3 -23

Let me know if you spot any errors.

Out of 19 participants 5 erroneously picked the Rams and Raiders, 3 picked the Cowboys and 2 picked the Cards.

It’s still anyone’s pool to win after only one week. @mahalcflers will be posting the Week 2 games shortly. Good luck to all!


If you picked the Colts or Texans you can't be too happy today .

Thank you Jon for the update.

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I'm one pick away from perfection and STILL almost dead last! :grinning: :+1:

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Dang it. Thought the Raiders might pull it out last minute too....


Tough competition so far.

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I thought the same thing about Johnny Holmes pulling it out at the last minute in 'Debbie Does Dallas' but that too never happened.

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Alas, and drama just has never been the same since those fond moments of your youth, since "The Sopranos" for the first four seasons, or since "Breaking Bad"? :thinking:

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I missed somewhere what the + or - are?

Is that calculation the tiebreaker and aggregate margin of victory or loss of our picks?

Anyway, good stuff guys - thank you again and let's roll on.

You are correct that it is aggregate +/- and a tiebreaker. Actually the second tiebreaker. The first is the number of perfect weeks in brackets.

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