NFL playoffs

Boy - anybody who still thinks of the NFL as the No Fun League should be watching this Baltimore - New England game. Man! What a football game!

second game pretty good too, although it should not be so close.

Maybe it is time for 4 downs but then the moment there is a low scoring game, people will say we shouldn't have switched.

no, there is never a time for 4 downs in the cfl, just a time to appreciate that other league as well.

Well you can only watch so many no yards penalties after a 30 yard punt into the wind and realize that it is basicly a turnover and then the other team stalls their drive and misses a field goal for a single point, after he runs around in the end zone so many times before you start to yell," can we just see one sustained td drive? "
I loved the CFL back in the day because of three downs and the deep passes that were thrown as a result.. Roy Dewalt burned my Bombers all the time with his deep passes..
Then something happened... It is probably Milt Steggal's fault for burning the Eskimos.. Coaches started giving up the underneath stuff and protecting against the deep ball. Qbs were still throwing for 5000 yards, but needed a lot more completions to do it... Ricky Ray became the master of this and has several 300 yard games where. Of a single pass traveled more than 30 yards through the air.
This is. Basicly the CFL version of the neutral zone trap... You give the team as many first downs as they want, but wait for them to make a mistake. Like the NHL, this CFL trap waits for a turnover, however, the most important mistake that the defense waits for is a penalty. Once a team is in 2nd and 15 or 1st and 20 because of a penalty... then they are screwed.Now they punt and or attempt a field goal...
Sadly, the only way the offenses ever seem to score is if the opposite happens and they get a penalty aided drive kept alive by Moronic penalties by the defense.
So basicly you have a comedy of errors which leads to one team not taking as many stupid penalties and not committing as many turnovers who wins the game. Most CFL games are now about who wants to lose the least. You barely have to complete a pass or have any offense and can still stay in games as long as your defense is strong and you dont take any stupid penalties of commit any turnovers...
Then you have the NFL with sustained long drives and minimal penalties... You have a real suspense when a team gets the ball late in the game is that they will manufacture a drive.. In the CFL you are hoping for a pass interference penalty.
Now I promised to try to stay positive.. So here is my solution...

  1. cap coaches salaries... We don't need American coaches who do not understand the CFL coming up here and imposing their boring running styles and conservative play calling.. We want Canadian coaches like Danny Machocia that call risky plays like the one they called when Stegal burned
  1. Take the money you saved by having a coaches salary cap ( cap the number of coaches as well ... Yes Bob Wet... I'm talking to you) and give it to the players..
    Basicly cut a million from coaches and administration( yes Bob Wet, you don't have to hire your grandson 's hamster as an advisor)and give it to the players.
  2. Now that the players average is over 6 figures and the lowest paid players are still making 60k (double the practice roster salary while you're at it) now we. An talk about a real work week. 40 hours a week of game action and video and practice time... Now we are professionals. Now the next time BC attempts a trick play in a playoff game, maybe they will actually be able to get off a punt longer than 2 yards...
    Now that new American players have 40 hours a week to learn the CFL rules, they won't be trying to down punts.
    Now that there is an actual prossional feel to the week, maybe players will stop taking moronic penalties that literally caused me to turn off over a dozen games this last season.
  3. FINE THE MORONS!!! .... Now that you are actually paying your players, you can hold them more accountable... Stupid stuff like after the whistle personal fouls ( not borderline late hits)are an automatic quarter game cheque.. Two in a game, and you just worked for minimum wage that week.
    To advance this even further... 10% escrow on all salaries... If you are in the top ten percent for least peanalized in your position.. You get a 10% bonus at the end of the year. Top 20%.. You get 6%... Top get 4%... Top 40% get 2%... This keeps going until the worst offenders lose 10% of their salaries

Going to four downs would kill Canadian football... Even if the results were favourable, it would just let people like Phil Lind know that they won.McClown would have a field day.

But it's not killing high school football in Canada, those leagues that have gone to 4 downs and are likely to keep 4 downs forever. Begs the question what is the essence of what we call "Canadian football" when grassroots leagues in Canada already use 4 downs? Imagine if the CIS went to 4 downs?

they are not playing Canadian football. Some kind of hybrid. Really ticks me off. I don't support it.

Doesn't CEGEP in Quebec play 4 downs? I think it's just a matter of time before the CIS and CFL go to 4 downs to be honest, like it or not.

Maybe its time for the NFL to go to 3 downs, they are already talking about widening their fields. :wink:

It all comes down to training players.. A d players can not be trained if they spend half of the game running on and off the field every two plays... The CFL should have enough talent that this scenario is avoided, but when you have a 20 hour work week.. Some things lime how to catch a football, and how to not go offside are quickly forgotten it would appear.

GB deserves to lose that game playing Rogers the entire game with a wonky leg. They gave the game to the Seahawks and that 89 receiver couldn't catch that one on the onside kick, right in his friggin arms. Yes, NFL players are bigger than CFL guys but no better.

The coach of GB should be canned asap because he never switched it up with his qb's when his starter was wonky. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

4 INT"s Wilson gave up and they still win the game? Ouch. As I say, GB and their coaches deserve to lose. Stupid.

Earl - how can you say that when Rogers had his team up by 12 with five minutes left and then moved his team 50 yards into game tying field goal range in the last minute of regulation after the incredible Seattle turnaround.

Not all that great a game until the last few minutes other than amazing defense by Green Bay and key goal line stands by Seattle to force field goals to keep them (barely) in the game. But I have only one word for the last five minutes of regulation and the overtime of the Green Bay - Seattle game - Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Un-friggin believable.

'I think Troy Aikman just summed it up perfectly on the Fox telecast. 'The most improbable finish to a playoff game I've ever witnessed'

For those who did not see it. Green Bay intercept a pass at midfield - their 4th of the game - with five minutes left up 19-7 and almost everybody assumed it was over. A defensive stand followed by an improbable touchdown drive (since Seattle had been shut down most of the game) followed by a recovered onside kick, then a second touchdown and then an unbelievable 2 point convert later and Seattle led 22-19. But wait. Not over yet. Then Green Bay drove and in the dying seconds kicked a 48 yard field goal to tie! Then Seattle win it with a 40 yard bomb in overtime.

Needless to say the noisiest stadium in football was going absolutely bonkers!

Next up Colts - Pats to see who meets the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

GB should fire their entire coaching staff -- BRUTALLLLLLLLLLL. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: They left a one legged qb in the ENTIRE game and didn't mix it up. Peewee coaching and that's being nice. Ok, the game was full of mistake after mistake after mistake and anybody's game but GB coaches, come on, you didn't even give your team a chance to win. Sad, very sad.

Travel, it was noisy, the Sounders can only wish in their dreams they would have a crowd like that with that noise. Of course soccer compared with gridiron when the stakes are on, soccer comes out short every, every time because it's a lame sport compared with gridiron with games like this and every soccer fan in NA knows this, not even close.

Oh, Toronto, no NFL team for you!! :twisted:

:thup: :thup: :thup: Bingo! Amazing how mistakes and peewee coaching makes for an excellent game! :wink:

Game Two. No contest. New England totally outclassed Indy in every way. You've got to hand it to Belichick and Brady. Perfect game plan executed perfectly.

Yes, NE will be tough to beat in the SB. I guess the 2 teams most expected to make it are going to be there.

GB Seattle game bad game for first 55 minutes, 5 turnovers for Seahawks (eck). Last 5 minutes was good, but not even 400 yds passing for both teams. NE Indy game, just brutal!!!! Watched curling instead, it was much more interesting. Have feeling SB will be the same as last year, blowout for Seattle over by half-time. Can't wait for June to come.