NFL Playoffs so far = zzzzzzzzzzz

6 blowouts in 6 games so far, pretty boring.

It is too bad someone is forcing you to watch these terrible (in your opinion) NFL Playoff Games.

They had not been the most exciting games until the last two. That Green Bay - Dallas game was epic - especially the last 2 minutes.

Yes, that Packers-Cowboys game was exciting for sure. I think it'll be a Packers-Patriots SB with anyone's guess who will win it all. Refs are letting a lot of defensive back holds and that go it seems to me.

First few NFL games I've watched most of the year. I'd like New England and former Michigan Wolverine Brady to take it all. Plenty of hype and the games have been ok. They need to do something in the NFL so that a team just can't kill the last two minutes of a close game. 30 seconds left and guys are walking off the field with a two point win. BS!!! They've already pretty much taken the excitement of kick returns out. Lucky to see two a game.

Yup, too much time doing nothing to kill the clock really is a letdown especially if the game was a good one. They need to look at this for sure.

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Green Bay looks like should have just stayed home today. They look horrible.

Pittsburgh too Earl. Their receivers dropped so many passes. Two pretty onesided Conference finals. That is about 8 of the 10 playoff games this season that were pretty dull one sided affairs.

All these blow-out games does not bode well for the Super Bore!

Is it June yet? :wink:

You never know, hoping the SB is closer. That Jones receiver for the Falcons is a beast.

....for ruining another Sunday. This has to be the most brutal playoff in their history. 15.6 pts average margin and this includes the two 'squeakers' last weekend. Good thing I had a VHS copy of "Heidi" to plug in to the VCR at halftime to save the day. The NFL is GREAT at hype and brutal on delivery.
The league has problems but because they are on the pinnacle of world sports (at least on this continent) they don't feel they have any weakness. If they climbed out of their paradigm they would see so much more opportunity for improving their game, fan reach and business. But they simply won't change.
Can't wait for the Super Bowl. Hype, hype, hype, airforce fly bys, fireworks, rockstars doing the national anthem, and it all leads up to a touchback. Fun. One team will show up, the other will fold. Another one sided beating.
Thanks for ruining another Sunday.

Oh, and don't get me started US college football......

I watched the games . I know I shouldn't be saying this but I didn't see anything different in the talent pool area . The NFL players except for the size difference were pretty equal to a CFL talent ; everywhere except maybe kicking and that maybe because the CFL kicks more and they kick to angle out of bounds etc.... than the NFL .

I saw a few plays that would be called interference here for sure . That's always an area the CFL could improve on .

Nice to see Thomas Dimittroff a Guelph and CIAU football grad who was born American but was raised mostly in Canada still guide the Atlanta Falcons to success as GM . I hope they win it but they will be pushed hard by a seasoned and talented Patriots team .

Not an NFL fan so I am biased, but yes, the games have been BORING!!!