NFL Playoffs begin

Enjoy the preview....

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I took the Raiders in this game but Burrow is looking sharp.

So in the NFL as a qb or thrower you can one foot in bounds to throw a td but the receiver needs two feet in bounds. Interesting, is this the same in the CFL except of course the receiver just needs one foot in bounds?

Ya that was kinda a cheap play. Official blows the play dead, throws it and they call it a touchdown.

Shouldve been a re-down

Bengals advance.

They made it harder than it had to be but lost a lot to injuries on defence.

NE is getting killed.

So far.

Stick a fork in them.

I'm kinda enjoying these play-offs so far . First time in a long time there is no pressure as I don't have a horse in the race this season . I'm not in anyway shape or form a Bills fan but I have to admit that they were very impressive in that first half . Also kudos to them Bengals for winning their first play-off game in 31 years .

5 for 5 Bills TD per each drive

Yup, great execution for the Bills. This game turning out not as interesting as the previous one, Pats are done I'd say. Time for bed.

Now 6 for 6. Never happened in w postseason game during the Superbowl era.

They're 4 for 6 on PATs... can't be perfect :slight_smile:

4 for 6 on PATS ? I didn't realize that the Bills signed the Ti-Cat kicker for the post season . :grinning:

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5 for 7 and that last one barley made it!

7 for 7 TDs/per drive.

Can they have a 'perfect' offensive game? It's the only thing left of interest

Yep , compared to the first game unless you're a Bills fan this one has been a total yawner .

47-17 final and the score was flattering for NE.

Only Bills offensive drive that didn't end in a TD was the victory formation

Who's your favorite NFL team?

Whose my fav NFL team ? Well I think that anybody who has followed these forums on a regular basis over the years knows that my fav team is God's team....The New Orleans Saints !!! :angel: :grinning:


Cowboys fan myself

what a game. totally enjoyed watching the Bills get it done. game of the week for me.

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