NFL Playoffs 2012/2011 Season

All make your picks for fun and/or against the gambling lines also for fun. Here are my takes to try my instincts and luck as I used to do annually when I was in Las Vegas or had a bookie.

Use this site for live lines:

[url=] ... Lines.aspx[/url]

For sake of simplicity, round up or down the payoff amounts if not ending in a 5.

My picks are at the top of each game summary, and I reference any funny money bets with the current lines as of my post.

Pittsburgh over Denver / -9/34.5

The line is Pittsburgh -9 with the over/under 34.5. I wouldn't touch these at all given Pittsburgh's history of disappointments in playing down to their level of competition (i.e. the Browns in both games this season). It's Pittsburgh's game to lose by allowing it to be down to 10-points or less going into the 4th quarter with Denver with the ball. Tebow's team is capable of winning any close game, and for Ben to get some added rest it's best to be up a bunch by the middle of the third quarter. Denver's aim will be to drag this out and wear them out and just score field goals with Prater in order to go into a close game for the 4th quarter.

New York Giants over Atlanta / -3/48

The Falcons can't win on the road and definitely not in cold weather in the playoffs even though the Giants' defense sucks.

The Giants will step up for this game though, and if there is ever a close and critical call, don't say you did not hear it here first that it will go the Giants' way ha ha ha.

Giants -3 is the line and over/under 48.

I'll take the
Giants -3 for
$21 funny money at x2

Detroit over New Orleans / +10.5/58.5

I'm going with my gut here to choose Detroit to win and definitely +10.5 and taking the over.

$8 Over 58.5 x1.9
$11 Detroit +10.5 x2

We'll see what the money line is on Detroit later this week, and if the payoff is good for the heavy underdog I might be tempted there too.

Cincinnati over Houston / +3/38
T.J. Yates might not even be 100%, and then Houston will be down to Jake Delhomme who might even be better anyway.

I do not expect this to be a very good game just like the Steelers and Broncos.

I don't like these lines enough to make a bet though. Cinci wins.

My picks are as follows;

Bengals vs Texans (-3) - I'll take HOUSTON to cover the spread and wager $105.00
$50.00 over 38 x 1.9
Steelers (-8) vs Broncos - I'll take PITTSBURGH to win and wager $115.00

Other games;

Falcons at Giants - NEW YORK
Lions at Saints - NEW ORLEANS


Even better is that you would get x2 on your Houston +3 and x1.95 on your over 38.

I'm not sure where you are seeing only -8 on the Steelers, but let me know and I'll watch that line elsewhere if it is going down from -9 as it still shows now on the Pinnacle site referenced.

Here's a couple of links; Sports Interaction has -8 and 5Dimes is at -9
I'll still go with my opening post on the bets.

I'll dip in also for

$7 Steelers -8

I will have to wait to see who will be in the playoffs then.

It's the 2011 season but the NFL playoffs are in 2012 - always been that way in years gone by.
Edit: In my above previous post should read -9 BETONLINE and -8 at 5Dimes.

Uh, you do know the year changed yesterday right?

That's why it says also the 2011 season. :stuck_out_tongue: Go ahead and place your bets FYB. :slight_smile:

yeah, sigh

I was responding to your putting 2012 first.

The only thing I ever bet on is who is gonna win. All the other numbers are too much for me.


I filled in 2 of the picks, Paolo X may perhaps fill the next two. 8)

Backer in your three bets as made below, you have Pittsburgh -8 or merely Pittsburgh to win as we all do anyway so far?

You did not specify, so I guess you are taking the spread for the bet because there is a huge difference in payoff of course.

Well to tell you the truth; I'm not convinced that the Steelers can win by 8 or 9, so that's why I bet Pittsburgh to win only.
Edit: perhaps fill in some money bets on the last 2 games for FYB..?

The above are my official bets Paolo X; no points involved in the Pitt/Den game.

Okay Backer, after your second request I'll do it but it's hard to bet for another guy with his funny money and for bets I would not make myself. :slight_smile: You're all set FYB with funny skin in the game too.

For Detroit the heavy underdog to win outright, I will add also $7 at x5.9 on the money line too:

[url=] ... Lines.aspx[/url]

Houston wins and beats the spread.
Saints win but the Lions cover.
Giants win and beat the spread.
Steelers win but the Broncos cover.

I thought I was cheering for the texans. Somehow it escaped me that wade philips is one of their coaches.

Go cincinati

Cincinnati - Houston

Backer is up +$105.00 with Houston win and covering the spread.

Backer is also up +$47.50 for picking the over 38.

Jordan picked Houston correctly and for covering the spread as well.

FYB and I miss on our picks for Cincinnati to win.

Detroit - New Orleans

All picked New Orleans to win but me, but no one else bet on that game.

Jordan also missed on the Lions to cover.

Minus $7 for the loss outright and also minus $11 for me because the Lions did not beat the spread either.

I did hit $8 on the over of 58.5 for +$7.20 though.

The early odds are out for a couple of games for next week;

Saints vs 49ers; I'll bet $110.00 (at -4) on New Orleans to win and cover the points.