NFL Playoff Ratings.

could someone ( argotom will prolly do it ) post the NFL's Canadian Playoff ratings on tuesday, please?....

it would be nice to compare the NFLs playoff ratings to the CFL's '05 playoff ratings...

it will be good for a laugh...i predict NFL's ratings will be no higher than 375 000

wish I could help but I can't, So I'm posting to keep this topic alieve and to keep D god happy.

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ditto on bump ... I'm really curious to see these, as well. I hope the CFL ratings blow the NFL ratings out of the water! I'd like to see the CFL regular-season ratings be higher than the NFL playoff ratings ... though I suspect that's asking too much :wink:

I'm also curious (and argotom, I don't know if you keep these numbers on record or anything) as to how FNF compares with MNF ... it bugs me that bars always go nuts for MNF, but have nothing for FNF. Hopefully the TV numbers don't support that ...

Red Maple Leaf 1, Blue Maple Leaf 0.

The Team Canada juniors pulled off a rare Canadian sports victory by outdrawing a Hockey Night In Canada game featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs. In fact, the juniors more than doubled their NHL counterparts.

According to Nielsen Media Research overnight ratings, Canada's 3-2 victory over the United States at the world junior tournament Saturday night attracted a per-minute average audience of 1.4 million. At the same time, a game between the Leafs and New Jersey Devils was watched by only 612,000 on CBC � what is believed to be the lowest audience for a Saturday night Leaf game ever.

The CBC could not confirm that, but the audience was half the season average.

The junior game also outdrew the late CBC matchup between Edmonton and Calgary, which was seen by 742,000.

Saturday's junior game, which peaked at 1.6 million, was the most-watched round-robin broadcast in world junior hockey history.

the CFL had a number of games that out drew the junior ratings...CFL beat national Hockey gold medal game!

And yet we still don't hear about the CFLs strong TV numbers, except from argotom ... why not?!? Glad to hear that the WJHC got such strong numbers, though.

That's cool, the Red and Blue Maple Leafs.

It may be off topic, but I liked the World Juniors better than the "New NHL". At least you don't have 20-25 power plays a game. Don't get me wrong, the NHL had to clean up the Clutching and grabbing, but they've gone too far!.

I enjoy a Kelowna Rocket or Kamloops Blazers game far more than a Canucks game. Given a choice of free tickets, I'd take the Junios in a heart beat!

I agree completely, Sportsmen, I hate the new NHL (and my Flames are doing well, too). I hate the shootout - it's not hockey. They've gone way overboard on what is or isn't a penalty - apparently simply getting body position, a good tactic, is a penalty - but worse than that, they're BRUTALLY inconsistent in calling the game. Worse than before! NHL refs are the worst I've seen. I watched the little vignette on that explained the new rules, and I gotta tell you, they aren't followed. I still watch it (well, the Canadian teams anyway; another absolutely brutal thing about the NHL is the number of apathetic teams, a la Anaheim, Florida, Tampa, Carolina, Nashville, etc) but to me, the NHL is crap. The World Juniors trumped it thorough ly.
I agree that the NHL needed some changes, but they have gone too far. Quit trying to change the game just so americans, 99% of whom don't care anyway, will watch the game! I mean, making the nets bigger? Give me a break! Quit trying to fabricate goals - goals should be EARNED.
I wouldn't be surprised if the NHL removed the goalie from the game in order to try and increase scoring. Then maybe they'd move the nets up (vertically) ... replace the puck with a ball ... stop playing on ice (well, at least then the teams in Florida wouldn't have a problem) ... allow the ball to be played by hand, thereby removing the stick from the game ... remove bodychecking (too violent!!) ... then the NBL, I mean NHL, could be happy with their 110-98 games!!

I watched the Blazers lose in Portland a couple weeks ago. Good game, 6-5 Winterhawks.

Something strangely attracted me to the Kamloops team though...I couldn't really tell. I mean, I know that they had the same colors as my Broncos...and their logo was pretty sweet (Seattle's is the coolest though), and etc etc.

It wasn't till I noticed that they were Sharks jerseys that I figured it out. Orange and Blue in the Sharkies style = brainwashing.

the Shootout is awesome, as long as it's only done during the regular season game and only 3 times per team (you still need ties).

what I hate, as I have had said before, is the rescission of the goalie's movement. Sure it has a point, but not a good one, and it was forced (like some of the other new rules) down our throats and wasn't tried in the AHL last season cuz if it was, I'd be aware of it.

on that same note, you guys know I'd never just chage the league at the drop of a hat, I'd test out all my rules in a lower league or an Ex game frist. I'd never force it like the NHL has done to itself and the lower leagues. Heck, I'd keep the rules of the lower leagues the way they are now so that traditionalist still have their rules to watch, you can't do that with hockey now cuz EVERY league has switched over to the new rules.

I can't believe that FNF doesn't do well in Canadian bars! I never could get into MNF starting and ending so late when I have to get up early for work. But.....Friday Night Football seems like a no brainer since millions of people use that night to go to bars anyway, and most don't have to work the next day.

I agree, I LOVE FNF!!!!!!!!! NOTHING BETTER THAN CFL Football to watch and begin the weekend with.

I love the times for both FNF and HNIC because they are on a weekend, and at my place its almost tradition that its the weekend, so you throw on the game while you get ready and your guests come over, have a few pops and catch up while keeping an eye on the game, then go out to the club after its over. Works so much better socially than having it on Monday night.