NFL Playoff Predictions

Well the 2007-2008 NFL Playoffs start this weekend.

My favourite team Tampa Bay is in

and i hope Washington does well in honour of Sean Taylor

well here are this weeks picks

Saturday @ 4:30: #6 Washington at #3 Seattle

Washington has won 4 straight games and Todd Colins is yet to throw an interception and has a passer rating of 106 in those 4 games. Also the Defence has been solid

Seattle has looked good at times but also looked "average" at times. Shaun Alexander has struggled all season and if this game is in bad conditions he will have to carry the load.

pick: Washington Redskins

Saturday @ 8:30: #5 Jacksonville at #4 Pittsburgh

Jacksonville has looked unbeatable when playing their starters (they had nothing to play for against houston) the last few weeks. their running game might just be the best in the league with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. David Garrard doesnt make many mistakes as he has only thrown 3 interceptions all season. The Jaguars Defence is one of the most physical and speedy defences in the league.

Pittsburgh was playing fantastic in the beginning of the season but then looked horrible against New England and Not so great against Jacksonville (despite a 4th quarter comeback to tie the game). Then once they looked like they were back on their feet against St.Louis, Willie Parker Breaks his leg.

pick: Jacksonville

Sunday @ 1:00: #5 New York at #4 Tampa Bay

The Giants played great last saturday against the pats and Eli Manning played possibly one of the best games of career, which he needed heading into the playoffs because of his inconsistency throughout the season. I would still expect to see lots of Brandon Jacobs on sunday. The Giants have one of the best Defensive Lines in the league led by Micheal Strahan and Osi Umenyiora but only recorded one sack in total against the pats. The G-men have also won 7 straight road games this season.

The bucs can be a dangerous team when Jeff Garcia is starting and get just enough big plays from the rest of their offence alogn with the "bend but don't break" defence which is allowing just over 11 ppg at home this season. Tampa is 6-2 at home this season losing to just Jacksonville and Carolina (in a game where they rested the starters)

pick: Tampa Bay

Sunday @ 4:30: #6 Tennessee at #3 San Diego

Tennessee struggled Sunday night against most of the colts backups. The titans seem to put up better offensive numbers with Kerry Collins at QB who went 10-13 when he came in against the colts because of a Vince Young injury. The Titans defence is very solid with Albert Haynesworth in at Defensive Tackle.

San Diego on fire winning 10 of their last 12 including an Overtime win against Tennessee in week 14 at Tennessee in a game in which they needed a 4th quarter comeback to send it into overtime. LT is back to his normal self running the ball after a slow start to the season. Antonio Gates and Chris Chambers are good targets for Phillip Rivers when he plays well. The chargers' CB Antonio Cromartie leads the NFL with 10 interceptions and he only began starting in week 6.

pick: San Diego

Tune in Next Week when i tell my picks for the Divisonal Round


I like your picks and I hope you right, except for Seattle.

However, I am going stickly on hunch when I guess


I am an AFC fan. My NFC teams are Eagles and Cards, out of it of course, so I be cheering for Garcia, but overall, its Pats and colts for me.

The worst possible SB this yr, steelersgiants. May Eli never taste conference championship.

Saturday @ 4:30: #6 Washington at #3 Seattle

Washington has been playing well considering all that they've had to endure, but I think their luck runs out here. Seattle is great at home, and they have a dangerous passing game.


Saturday @ 8:30: #5 Jacksonville at #4 Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is at home, so they have that going for them. They also have one of the toughest defences in the league. But so does Jacksonville. And now they have the edge with the running game sine Willie Parker is out. Maurice Jones-Drew is an animal, and I really hope my Colts don't have to face him for a third time. Tough pick but...


Sunday @ 1:00: #5 New York at #4 Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay won their division with a 9-7 record. That doesn't really sit well with me, especially considering they have the Vick-less Falcons and the stumbling Saints in their division. They went 5-1 in their division, but does that mean they're only capable of beating crap teams?

I think the Giants have the momentum going into this game. They're a good road team, and the team is running high after that exceptional performances against the Patriots.

New York Giants

Sunday @ 4:30: #6 Tennessee at #3 San Diego

Honestly, it didn't really matter who got the 6th seed, Cleveland or Tennessee, they were going home in the first round regardless. San Diego has a good offence and should have no problem outscoring the Titans. This will probably be the least interesting game next weekend.

San Diego

Washington wins 20-13
Jacksonville wins 35-21
Giants win 28-17
San Diego wins 38-3


Seattle 27-24

Jacksonville 31-17

Tampa Bay 21-17

San Diego 38-14

Seattle over Wash
Jack over Pitts
Tampa over Giants
San D over Titans

Hopefully some good games, anxious to see playoff football again!!