NFL Playoff Pool Super Bowl Picks and Final Pool Standings 2023

yea same. i honestly thought the Bengals were the team of destiny this year, especially after Mahomes got hurt.


I think you’re right and you would have had a straight up chance to win it all. You still can but need help. You will probably have to pick KC to win and I’m not sure if you will be able to do that. I would have been in the situation you’re in now had the Bengals won. Hey, the game was ultra close and only a penalty prevented it from going into OT. When picking I find that there is such a fine line between genius and idiot.

i’m sad there is only one game of football left this season and it’s two teams i dislike. then it’s four loooonnnng months til CFL preseason. regular season doesn’t start til freakin June (well actually labour day for the east division but at least they play a lot of preseason to watch).

i prefer the Beagles as a team but i think they are the dogs in this matchup.

The Bungles certainly had multiple chances in the fourth quarter, but they pooped the bed even though those referees sucked too.

I agree they deserve punishment and mild cruelty until we can reconsider any forgiveness for such grievous misdeeds.

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You don’t like my Eagles, but we are still better than those Chiefs too so give us a new chance and our fans are way better than that bunch at Camarohead no doubt!

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ahahaha they should bring in the carolina skullet guitar hero for the national anthem

Betting Line Update

Like usual including from gamblers, there's been a lot of tough talk about the betting line.

Anyway, with a game two weeks out and plenty of time for something to change and as usual the dreaded traditional "media week" next week usually brings some unwelcome surprise (at least to one team), the betting lines have not moved much.

At some of the major books and popular apps, the line started anywhere from PHI -2.5 to PHI -1.5.

Now the spreads are all at -2 to -1.5.

Of course the real fun is in the prop bets. I'm sitting out this year also because my team is in the mix.

The over/under is solidly 49.5 across the board. I see a competitive game looming indoors on natural grass.

Generally speaking, I've always hated taking the under (tough defense prevailing on at least one side of the ball, offense chewing a lot of clock late), for it's a tougher bet to win often also because any overtime counts too.

I don't see it for this game at all, but there's also the dreaded garbage time touchdown in some blowout or a turnover with the second team in there on offense that puts you over when you have the under (i.e. a great example would be the year Seattle beat Denver at MetLife (Giants) Stadium 43-8 in that blowout, for which the over 48 still won!).

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Oh no that that dude in Jacksonville with the skullet would be booed out of the stadium here!

He’s probably a nice guy in reality, so I would not want such a public humiliation for him as opposed to an untimely and sloppy Santa Claus you know!

BIG thanks to the people taking their time to run this! :+1
Very much appreciated
Absolutely super fantastic job of running it


oh yea it was Jacksonville, my bad. i can’t imagine the effort that goes into growing a decent skullet :joy:

Nathan is moving to skulletville. i hope he at least grows a decent canadian mulllet or something to match Trevor Lawrence’s surfer doo.

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Kansas City - 20
Philadelphia - 26


Jinx Kansas Jinx City Jinx

And thank you to those who ran this fine pool :smiley:


I agree. Did you know Gordon Lightfoot in his senior years has a mullet too?

Nathan Rourke could go full Gordon (Lightfoot) mullet but with his youthful hair too, so he can try to look like vintage '70s AM Radio solid bushy hair Gordon Lightfoot, yet add a mullet instead of merely like some random vintage hockey player missing teeth still milling about with his mullet.

Now he can really be reaching for the stars on and off the field!

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Eagles will be Suprer Bowl Champs the Chiefs had a tough time with the Bengals and basicallly the Eagles know their play book after that game.


you talk like you think Andy Reid is a fool or something.

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Of course Andy Reid is no fool and is a great coach, but his statement is correct though the Eagles have to be on point more than ever all season with Mahomes in there and even with a bad ankle, as the Bengals painfully learned.


Well I picked up my super bowl tickets yesterday down here in Arizona

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Eagles 38-20


34 - 13 Stamps over the Riders