NFL Playoff Pool Super Bowl Picks and Final Pool Standings 2023

This is the thread to make your Super Bowl pick. As we all know it is Sunday, February 12th at 5:30 pm Central. Plenty of time to contemplate your choice.

Kansas City vs Philadelphia

I am linking the standings to date below.

Unfortunately only the top 3 have a chance to win and even more unfortunately I am not in the top 3. It appears that a tie for the top spot is unlikely but to be ultra safe I would ask the top 3 to PM me their score prediction. That would be @Hometown_Fan @Tedtanium1976 and @tony

In the event there is an aggregate tie then the tiebreaker will be closest to the score total including picking the winning team, unless no one does. If you think the score will be 21-14 then your total score is 35 and if the final was 21-17 for 38 you would be three off. We determined via the CFL draft that it would be best if the score predictions were sent by PM to avoid the potential hanky panky of someone picking one below or above of someone else to block them out. I will post all three score predictions once received. Anyone else who wants to can feel free to predict the score with their own pick if they wish.

I know that Maaax is working on updating the fabulous Kreskin trophy which will be awarded after the game for this second annual.

Good luck to all!

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Just to be able to say I beat Grover at something I’ll go first.

Kansas City 31-21

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Cowboys fan can’t pick the Eagles? :nauseated_face::joy:

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Naw I picked them last week. KC just looked so much better than Philly did yesterday against a much better team. Weakest 31-7 game I’ve ever seen. Hurts throwing for 121 yards against KC ain’t going to get it done. Just an eye test thing.

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Chiefs will be facing a tougher D.


True, but the Eagles will be facing a quarterback. :rofl:


Mahomes will drink the super soldier elixir to heal then own the Eagles like rented mules.

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I figure that Mahomes has to be healthier in two weeks than he was yesterday. Plus he’s the soon to be named MVP and the best QB in the world. That’s enough for me. I was really impressed by his performance yesterday. Hurts not at all. It may be that his injury is hurting him more than the ankle is hurting Pat.

The Eagles defence is better than the 2020-2021 Buccaneers defence was.

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the NFC is to the AFC like the CFL east is to the west division. let’s hope the super bowl isn’t a fluke game from the bermuda triangle a la this year’s grey cup.

lol sounds like @Hometown_Fan is backing the Eagles. is this the chance for someone to snatch the crown?

Sounds to me like it’s as good as snatched.

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fly kreskin fly!

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TBH, I still haven’t decided.
The Eagles haven’t needed Hurts to sling the rock as they have been able to blow out both their opponents. I think they will be fine.

However, KC has a feel of destiny to them. A second title would, IMHO, cement them most of their stars as Future HOFer’s. It should be a fantastic game, one which i shall take time to deliberate on.

I didn’t see the win over SF as a blowout. Until Purdy got hurt and even for some time after it was anybody’s game.

I have never seen a team without a QB in an NFL conference final in my life. It can’t be hard to defend a team that has no QB. Everyone knew he couldn’t pass. I was unimpressed by Philly’s “blowout”.

Hurts was missing throws all day and I just don’t think that he can get away with that against KC and their offense. Maybe Pat will hurt his ankle and Henne will be concussed so they face another out of work actor behind center. I would take them then for sure.


should have used a drone instead of the cable cam

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Two weeks until we find out if the Eagles will be “owned like rented mules” and if Mahomes leads the Chiefs to Disneyland.
Not so sure.

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And no matter what we won’t know until the game is played. Always fun to speculate though. I’m not particularly fond of either team and wanted the Bengals to win out of the teams left yesterday. Mahomes did impress the hell out of me though. I don’t think anyone can touch him even if he’s 80%.

Had the Bengals won that would have put me behind Hometown I believe.

As for Mahomes, played a heck of a game basically on one leg.

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