NFL Playoff Pool- Divisional Round-Picks and Standings

Late to this. Probably could start a new thread or add to an existing one.

But just wanted to suggest something that some local high schools play. CFL rules but 4 downs. Everything the same but only one extra down.

To that, I would add moving the goal posts to the backline. With one more down, getting to the 20 yard line for a decent FG attempt would happen all the time.

It'd almost be like basketball (good or bad) with a lot of scoring.

Love the waggle and motion. Best part of the CFL.

Just my 2 cents.


I might try it in an international neutral site game first and then make adjustments as necessary in the off-season. If the final score was 100-98, i'd adjust it to 11 yards for a first down in the next international match.


excellent. i like it.

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i know hardcore CFL canadiana fans hate the thought, but i think 4 downs would encourage more creative offences, and of course less kicking. if i was moving the goalposts back, iā€™d make the endzone shorter like NFL. but i do like the larger CFL playing field.

I think some of the hardcore fans are beginning to realize that the CFL is going to have to make changes eventually. @mahalcflers was telling me the other day that he was hoping Ambrosie announced 4 downs and an October Grey Cup at the next "State of the League" :wink:


i laughed in my coffee


Interesting idea here - if there ever is a move to four downs, driven by business necessity more than anything else at this point, whatever is done I want the existing entire Canadian field and
yes indeed, move the goal posts back to compensate for the extra down.

Since the goals posts are in the rear of the end zone, I would also go back to the rugby origins so as to encourage more play of missed field goals by making any ball off the posts on a missed field goal that lands in the field of play an optional live ball but for only the receiving team.

No rouge is scored like now, and the receiving team alone has the option to play such a ball that otherwise can be left for dead like now.

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