NFL Playoff Pool- Divisional Round-Picks and Standings

True, but the shouldn’t the burden be on the defence to recover the fumble? It’s not volleyball.


Not really. The offense needs to have control of ball.

that’s not a valid rebuttal.

i’m of the opinion that all football should be 4 downs. enough punting already.

one yard off LOS is ridiculous and a gift yard. 4 downs give enough chances to get 10 yards. 3 downs takes away offence, diminishes running game and creativity. i don’t care about the waggle pre snap movement and they can get rid of it as far as i’m concerned.

But if they lose it shouldn’t the defence have to recover the ball to gain possession? By your logic a batted down pass should be an interception? A reward not earned.

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You cannot use the sidelines to save possession on offense.

If in the process of tackling the ball is loose then full possession needs to happen.

The sidelines are different in terms of loose balls.

Not sure about the actual history behind this ruling but it doesn't mean it needs to change to mimic the NFL.

There are two different versions of rugby that are thriving and yet there's an issue with the number of downs between the two versions of the sport.

Talk about a Canadian inferiority complex.

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not an issue fix, but an improvement IMO. more offence and less punting.

They call it football for a reason.

Canadian game all about field position

American game all about possession.

The Canadian running game was at it's strongest when the hashmarks were only 15 yards from each sideline.

Now they are 28 yards from the sidelines thus diminishing the running game a bit.

Check out games from the 1960s if you're able to and see the difference.

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i don’t want to watch a bunch of 3 and out punting field position chess matches. i like hard running and creative possession game. and extra downs seems fit for a bigger field while still promoting passing to me.

Guess I can't convince you otherwise.

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nope lol :joy:

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It doesn’t need to change to mimic the NFL. Nothing does. I never said that. It needs to change to mimic common sense. We can see from the NFL how it works and if there is a better rule available why not use it, no matter what other leagues use?


There's no consequence for the offense if they lose possession before going out of bounds in the American game.

To me last touch is sensible in the Canadian game.

But that's a judgment call at times.

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Okay you win​:joy::sweat_smile: for now.

Not that I am conceding yet.

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nobody needs to win the argument. the CFL won’t be changing they way i’d like to see any time soon so my argument is nothing more than wishful thinking at this point lol.

It's okay to dream.

I wish the CFL is in a better position than it is now.

Just don't have confidence in how the owners and the commissioner are going about it.

well some owners. Doman is the man.

but my feelings on Ambrosie and his MLSE/LT cronies are well documented on this forum lol

All that's accomplished outside the new CBA, which was needed irregardless of who's in charge, was moving the season up a week and playoffs on Saturdays that must have taken Ambrosie a lot of effort to twist MLSE's arm to get that done.


As noted in also the Tanenbaum, Streaming, and the Genius Sports / TSN threads, what new favours might Tanenbaum demand or exact in return in time?

Keeping things awful with Disney and ESPN for media rights for the CFL, due in some part to ESPN's connection to TSN via Bell as a 30% owner and due to various other relationships Bell and MLSE insiders have with Disney, might again be at hand as one "favour."


He may demand a merger with the XFL in return for doing favours.

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