NFL Playoff Pool- Divisional Round-Picks and Standings

Buffalo and Dallas got me again :face_with_peeking_eye:

Awww man​:grin::joy::sweat_smile:


Ah don't feel bad except for not being able to foresee that Dak would poop the bed in a playoff game again.

But those darn Bills could not even secure their footing on their home turf and played like it was flailing ballet in the snow.

The Bills let those who picked them down and their fans down again, they deserved to lose, and I feel like they deserve also mildly cruel and unusual punishment now too.


I wonder if coaching had any bearing on the result as well (didn't watch the game as I had kids lacrosse that night)

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Shame on you for missing the demise of our Cowboys. It was actually a pretty good game until the 4th quarter when SF finally found some offense and Dak started paying for not taking his Imodium. The best game of the weekend.


Sorry man ,can I make it up to you somehow (please don't ask me to support your October Grey Cup fest :grin::joy::sweat_smile:)

I did pvr it but my kids gave away the result, fully take responsibility as I didn't communicate that to my boys.

On a side note my boys finished their field lacrosse season on a win thus ending what was a challenging season (short on refs, fields covered in snow and roads that were frozen with ice.


Hopefully he askes you to support the effort to expand to America :rofl:


As long it's not Chicago I might be game :joy::sweat_smile:

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that’s great they got the W.

unfortunately the shortage of reffing and poor field conditions (and general shortage of playing surfaces) are common issues for most youth sports organizations nowadays.


Take your pick of US expansion ( not happening in Canada unfortunately), the ridiculous CFL timing rules, the rouge or the ass fumble recovery rule. I’ll take support on any of those. :slightly_smiling_face:

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get rid of one yard off the ball LOS and give me 4 downs please

Don't like the ass fumble but will take the last touch rule (by hand).

Your move my good man.

This can be a really long poker game :black_joker:

Ah no dice on that

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Where we are the numbers weren't there so they had to play for another organization which never jelled as a team.

Hopefully it can be better next season for field.

Box numbers are promising for us though.

one yard of the ball at LOS makes no sense to me and never has. and too much punting in CFL and i want more downs to keep offences on the field and promote more creative run plays.

C’mon Mahal, you can’t “recover” a loose ball by looking at it, slapping a stamp on it or batting it OB with your ass, knee, head, elbow or hand. That’s like a goalie being credited a save for a puck in the net just for getting a piece of it. Inane.

If you can’t get behind that there is always the October Grey Cup or ditching the ratio.


Mahal doesn't have to get behind that because judging from the CBA, ditching the ratio is the CFL's #1 priority.

Can't make you happy can I.

Knocking the ball out of bounds retains possession for the team touching it last.

The burden is on the offense to not fumble as they're nearing the sidelines.

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It's clearly obvious that the ratio is on the way out.

Still won't address the constant roster turnover that still plagues the CFL.

Rourke went down south and he was a marketable Canadian QB in the CFL.

Even Flutie and Moon, as good as they were, couldn't garner that publicity.


You have the NFL for that.

They don't need that 4th down sometimes.


They don't want to solve turnover. They like having the ability to cut players if they make too much money.

There's lots of rules with guaranteed contracts. It'll be interesting to see how the CFL weasels out of them.