NFL Playoff Pool 2024- Super Bowl Pick and Final Results and Fabulous Kreskin Award

Welcome to the final thread for the 2024 NFL Playoff Pool. One game left. The standings to date are linked here:

Despite there being only 4 participants left with a chance to win the pool, everyone is encouraged to make your final pick for posterity. I would also encourage a score prediction. If anyone hits that bang on I will have to check with the trophy minting department, but believe we could conjure up something to reward such phenomenal genius.

The participants of course:

San Francisco and Kansas City

Sunday, February 11th at 5:30 CST in Vegas

At the time of starting this thread it is still uncertain as to whether the 4 left in contention (@bobo82 @KingCrimson769 @tony and myself) will be publicly posting their picks or sending them to @mahalcflers to eventually post in order to keep as much competetive integrity as possible. I’m leaning that way and have already sent Mahal my pick and score prediction. He did say he figures I’ve pretty much got it in the bag and mentioned that it was similar to looking in the case in Pulp Fiction and being the first person to actually see what was inside.

Good luck to all and have fun!


A tie that never gets resolved.

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I’ve been picking contrarian since having a bad Wild Card Weekend and it got me second last in the pool.

As a Niner/Ticat fan that’s waited 29/25 years and watched 4 Grey Cup losses and 2 Super Bowl losses… Why not?

I’ll pick San Francisco 31-23

MVP for bonus points: Christian McCaffrey

(And I’ll probably bet the Chiefs!)


It doesn’t matter how you do in the pool if you bet the Chiefs because you will win money!


Kansas City vs San Francisco - Final Score

San Francisco 23
Kansas City 20

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KC 24
SF 17

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KC hasn’t been beat. San Fran has looked beatable. If they play like they did against Green Bay and Detroit, they lose.

:chiefs: 27

:49ers: 21


My Superbowl XXLIVIIXCCIV predictions? Well let’s see now:

Chiefs will win the coin toss after one of the 49er’s foolishly lose it in a nearby Las Vegas slot machine (one of many conveniently located throughout Mercedes Benz Stadium).

At the half it’ll be :chiefs: 17 and :49ers: 3

Perhaps more importantly to viewers under the age of 10, at halftime Taylor Swift will make her presence known by showing up on the Stadium Jumbo Tron to answer Travis Kelce’s marriage proposal with a resounding ‘YES’, causing pure football fans all over the world to smash their TV screens and swear off NFL football forever.

Next, the official CFL website will crash as millions of former NFL fans ALL TRY AT THE SAME TIME to defect to 3 down football and overwhelm our poor outdated server (which is set up in Commissioner Randy Ambrosie’s office behind the Ketchup dispenser). Heroic CFL techs will scramble to avert another CFL embarrassment… aw who am I kidding. There’s only ONE CFL tech and he’s working part time in an Amazon fulfilment center as a rat catcher.

So suddenly it’ll be up to @GrideronGirl to come out of retirement to fix everything… but since the Super Bowl plays out on her ‘hair day’ the task will fall to @Jon to find a way to unhide the CFL Forums link in time to kick ass and take names. Or something like that. We’ll find out later if Jon succeeds or accepts a $10,000,000.00 bribe from The Rock to throw us under the bus and let disgruntled NFL fans default to that crappy 4 down spring football league of his.

Later we’ll thank our lucky stars that money means nothing to Jon (otherwise I’d have won this pool). He’ll save us for sure or my name isn’t Spaghetti.

Anyway, with less than two minutes left in the game :49ers: will be be one score down and driving with no time outs remaining. Andy Reid will be led away in handcuffs for stealing fries from Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce’s lawyers will be racing to get around Taylor Swift’s iron clad prenuptial agreement. Only the players on the field will be focused on what’s truly important… next year’s contract negotiations.

And the final score will be…

:chiefs: 27 and :49ers: 30

You read it here first. :beaver:


I going to pick San Francisco in an upset only because of Ms Swift taking the focus away from the game itself.

San Francisco 35 KC 31 make it the final.


Oh no, they’ll drag that thing out as long as they can.

“Stay tuned after the game! Within the next three hours Travis will ask a big question!”

After three hours of advertising he’ll ask if his jersey makes him look fat.


Don’t forget the off-season reality series, probably on Bravo! and streaming, sponsored by Pfizer and Metamucil!

/Smashes and kicks empty boxes
//Shakes fist at sky


Tough pick this year

Chiefs 34
49ers 27

With all the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fuss at its peak for another 10 days, you know who we WON’T hear from for once in this NFL season AT ALL in this media hype period before the Super Bowl?

He’s on a muzzle order.



Peace Ernie GIF - Peace Ernie - Discover & Share GIFs | Animated emojis, Funny gif, Aardman animations

Dishonourable mention goes to his bro Pat McAfee for his now lowered profile on the NFL’s S-list.


Hello out there MahalCFLers back with the final pick of the NFL season.

Congratulations to the remaining 4 individuals to battle it out for the title of this year’s World Champion along with bragging rights until the next season.

Here are the four remaining combatants


All of your can send your predictions on this topic or each of you can send to me personally (actually a pm is better)

I won’t post anything until about Saturday before the game (8 days from now) just so you can change your pick based on information you might get in regards to potential injuries or other info.

All you have to do is pick who wins and as a potential tiebreaker the score.

Whoever gets closest to the score should be the winner.

So now you have time.

Thanks to Jon and Gridiron Girl for taking time to keep this going.

I also apologize for not participating in sending out my schedule (family reasons) but hopefully I am ready to go full on next season.

If anyone has any questions and concerns please pm me and I will do my best to clarify some points.

Best of luck to all and talk later.


In my heart of hearts I want the 49ers to win but I know better.

I’ll pick the :chiefs:

Score of 30-17

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Feel free to pick a score so that you are eligible for a fabulous prize if you are bang on.


At least I won the regular season…

Here is my Super Bowl Pick…
KC 28
SF 27

I have picked against KC all playoffs and they have won every game, so I guess I will have to pick them…
Go Bombers!


I am bumping this thread now in slow-time before the game because there’s no real need to delay making your picks for the

winner and for
the final score.

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Posters predicted team scores to win so far

San Francisco 3
Kansas City 5