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anyone hear how the last batch of Riders to jump South are doing? Wonder who will stick and who may return. I see John Chick listed as third on the depth chart for his position on the Colts website .....

I watched both the Colts and Cardinals games last week. Stevie looked really good - apart from an offside penalty he took. He more than made up for it a couple of plays later with a big stop in the backfield. I didn't think that Jon Chick looked as effective though - but again, to be fair to him, the Colts defense didn't look very good for that whole game. I haven't followed Rey Williams though.

don't be surprised if Chick is the one let go..

of the 3 he's gotta be the most likely. I think, but I could be wrong!

Of the three he is the most likely to make it. He is the one with the somewhat proven track record (defensive player of the year) and he is the one with the big signing bonus.
Teams don't generally like to make themselves look bad by paying a player big bucks to sign and then cut him after training camps. Not saying it doesn't happen, but it's a lot rarer than cutting someone like Baggs who came in with no fanfare.

I fully expect Chick to make it.

Chick sits at 3rd string.

I dunno. maybe it's cause i'm not one of those guys but would I wanna sign for $500,000 to sit and not play rather than make $125,000 to play every game and actually have a good time?

You must be the most generous person on the face of the earth. In two seasons he will have earned a million. It will take him four years to earn what he could make in one year down in the states. Not to mention he is an American citizen. Its every American's dream to play in the NFL. Why would you pass up that opportunity?

some people wanna play football you know…

ya sure there are those who would love to hold a clip board for their entire career… rather than play their sport.

money isn’t everything. and many CFLer’s who’ve come to stay from the NFL have said so.

That's because they weren't offered $500,000, or more, per season to be a 3rd string guy. Besides...he might be 3rd string to start the season, but that doesn't mean it's where he'll end the season or where he'll be next season. Cam Wake wasn't the big man last year in Miami, but he's paid his dues and moved up the ranks for this year.

I know I would take the $500,000 to sit and not do anything than play for $125,000. He can always come back. It's not like since he left to pursue his dream and dollars that the Riders wouldn't welcome him back with open arms....

And no disrespect cflisthebest, but I have a hard time believing that anybody would leave that kind of money on the table. Even if for 2 years. If someone is getting paid $500,000 compared to $125,000 obviously they are making $375,000 more. Thats 750,000 over two years more! With that money a guy can put his kids through college, buy a pretty nice house and put some away for retirement. As long as the dude wouldn't spend the foolishly, he would be well on his way to being set, especially with the additional income from football in following years.

I'm sorry but that is one of the more ridiculous things you have written cflisthebest.

It's not like he won't ever play, special teams, certain packages, injuries, etc. It's not like he will be holding a clip board. he is a defensive end not a QB.
It's a lesser man who decides to be the big fish in a small pond when he can go play in the big ocean, put in his time, keep eating, and possibly become a big fish there.
Plus the money is a heck of a lot better.

Was just about to say that Billy. The problem with alot of people in this world is they are too scared to chase their dreams. Good for John Chick for seeing an opportunity, and pursuing a goal that he has likely had since he was young.

Are you serious? Money is a huge issue. This is what they do for a living. I'm sure he loves football but he also provides for a family and he can do that much better by being a 3rd string in the NFL rather than starting in the CFL.

On the other hand, job security plays a big role in this as well. After his first season with Montreal, Jamel Richardson was getting tryout offers from the NFL but elected to stay in the CFL rather than risk getting cut from an American team again. While it's their dream to play in the NFL, sometimes moving around to so many different teams with no guaranteed pay (aside from bonuses) can be taxing.

Richardson wasnt offered a huge signing bonus. If he was, he woulda been gone like yesterday.

Rey Williams and Stevie Baggs were both cut, maybe we'll see them return to Regina? Jon Chick is listed at 3rd on the Depth Chart for the Colts at the right DE position, so I doubt he's going anywhere for now.

I don't know if anyone else caught it, but in the 4th Quarter of last weeks Colts/Packers game, Graham Harrell came in at QB for the Packers. At the end of the game, you could clearly see Harrell and Chick meeting up onfield and having a chat with each other. I wish I knew what they said to each other in that conversation.

if you hear stories from a lot of the CFL guys who tried to go to the NFL and never made it.. they'll tell you about all the BS politics that go on in the NFL..

many of them simply say "It's not worth all the pain to go down there, get promised all these things and then get cut anyway"

sure the first time is nice, you get some good money, especially if there's a signing bonus..

but after you get cut after all the promises you start to wonder if it's worth it.

then the 2nd opportunity you're already miffed and you go down hopeful but still knowing the politics down there is rampant.

and that 2nd cut, you say "to hell with it, I'll stick with the CFL"

sure they may not get $500,000 a yr...

but many players who come to play for $125,000 are still able to live their lives.

people can easily live happily on $125,000 a year.

I'll take 500K for someone to blow a little smoke up my ass for a few months. I'm not too proud.

I can understand what you are saying cflisthebest. I used to work at Champs here in Regina until it closed so we had CFL players coming in all the time. I remember talking with a Rider about that. The BS politics that goes on. He said he could have gone to the Ravens for training camp but chose not to because he knows he has it good here and because he knew he would get cut (They wanted him to play a diff position on the other side of the ball) and the signing bonus wasn't worth it.

But if the signing bonus was like Chicks, I am sure he would've bolted.

well ya, but how many players get that kind of a signing bonus?

if this were the case with all players that have dreams of the NFL, it would be awful difficult to get any players here.

some players play for the love of the game.. some players play for the money.

some would rather make 50,000 and play, some would rather sit oon a practise roster, not play and make 300 k.

it is what it is.

to each their own.