NFL player draft 2020

For the first time ever, I watched most of the first 3 rounds this weekend.

Not sure how different it was from the usual, but I enjoyed the player highlight videos and the info about the player background, family sports history, etc. The commentary about the players projective use and contributions was interesting.

I never knew that a single team could end up with as much as 15 picks during 7 rounds.

Meanwhile the well balanced Saints only had 4.

I find it highly ironic that the NFL drafts players from the same group of Cdn players that our own Cdn but American controlled league does not want to use.

Cdn drafted players are treated like fodder in the CFL. It's not right.

Top Canadians are amongst the highest paid non-QBs in the CFL ... and I expect starting Canadians are well above the average (non-QB) salary ... AND ... pretty much all players in the CFL are treated like fodder with the non-guaranteed contracts that allow them to be dropped at a moments' notice.

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Of course...You are right... How silly of me to even voice an opinion... I think i will cease posting for awhile. That way you will have to find another poster to follow around and correct.

Don't inflate your importance ... I "follow no one around" ... I just respond to posts ... frankly I could care less who wrote them ... be my response positive of negative ... I just don't think Canadians are any more fodder than the even more interchangeable (given the relative talent pools) American players

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AND...I stand corrected !