NFL placekickers stronger than CFL's?

It seems like CFL place kickers don't quite have the legs of their NFL counterparts? Seems like anything beyond about 45 yards is a challenge for CFL kickers. Yes the hash marks are wider in the CFL, but they kick off a tee, while NFLers kick from the ground, which often includes the harder-to-kick-off-of grass. Thoughts?

CFL kickers don't kick from a tee except for kickoffs so far as I know. The spotter might put a small plastic disk or some similar object on the field (or at least some used to) to aid in placing the ball, but I've never seen anyone use a tee on a FG attempt.

"For place kicks (field goal and convert attempts) the kicking tee platform can be no higher than one inch in height as per Rule 5, Section 1, Article 3 of the CFL Rulebook."

you are surprised that nfl kickers have stronger legs and are more accurate at long distance???


While it is not a surprise that NFL kickers are better with distance as if a CFL kicker does show this the NFL will come a knocking but I think it goes a bit deeper than that.
In this day in age a 50 yard FG should be a fairly confident distance for your place kicker in the CFL it seems to be a 50 yarder is considered a sign of desperation when taking it for a game winner.
This is becoming a bit of an issue and can lead to the fact that some kickers are still practicing and doing both Kicking and punting and should really be looking to specialize a lot earlier than when they get to the CFL as we do now see more teams making it a two player job.
It really seemed to help Toronto last year with the Confidence and no hesitation on making a decision to have him take a 50 yarder as a matter of fact. Although he did handle double duties for part of the season down the stretch he was focused on place kicking while a vet like prefon was healthy enough to hamdle all of the punting duties.

Of course they are better, the NCAA has better coaching programs and technique training, scholarships. Some of the best kickers in the CFL have made their mark and gone on to the NFL, Lawrence Tynes from the Renegades for one, Medlock in Hamilton.
A few years ago you would never see an import kicker in the CFL, just not enough talented CIS players to fill all the rosters.

Yup it has certainly became a position that has been overlooked by many teams in the CFL. The Argos, Riders, Hamilton have found it very successful to use as DI spot on a US kicker or punter and team him with a Canadian one. On game days now there are more than enough Canadian players to start at 8 positions and have quality back ups on the OLine reaching out to even RT now as well as a bunch of Canadian Dlineman especially at DT. Receivers the same thing. You may choose to start 3 import and 2 Canadian Rec but there are enough quality Canadians to fill back up roles HB.CB.Sam LB are really the only positions where Canadian players are farther behind then their import counterparts as well as DEs but Canadian DEs are also starting to make great strides.

I don't believe that's true. McCallum is pretty good at hitting past 45 yards. I saw him make a bunch of those since he's been in BC and was at a game where he kicked a 50 yarder to win the game I believe. He's in his 40s right? How many 40 year old NFL kickers are out there?

Maybe the new guys aren't kicking much further this year because their hasn't been a desperation kick.

I have to argue the point about NFL kickers kicking further. You can't just say that hash marks are wider like it makes no difference. It makes a pretty big difference when you're kicking a diagonal kick from 50 yards out, the kick is MUCH harder to make in the CFL than in the NFL unless you're kicking straight onwards. Its not just because of distance but the fact you gotta kick it through the goal posts on a diagonal kick and try and keep it straight in various conditions enough to get through, it really is that much tougher. I'd love to see an NFL kicker try and kick a 50 yard field goal in desperation in the weather in the CFL, I bet it would be totally different for them to kick something that's not a straight kick like most of their Field Goals are.

John Ryan played one year for the Bombers, Seattle's punter, it was clear he was special. He was gone to Green Bay the following year. We havn't had a punter in the CFL come close to being as good, since. Place kicking , no contest those guys make them from 55 like it was nothing. It's simple math, where is the big money ? All the best kickers are going to try and get a job making 300 000 a year. They get cold and snowy weather in GB , CHI, CIN,PIT ,NE, and other places so that argument isn't going to work. Adam Vinatieri made a ridiculous FG in a blizzard in the AFC final vs Oakland in the famous tuck rule game. Mcallum got to kick in a dome in BC and is a good kicker , but struggled at times in SK in the elements .His old front lawn in Regina probably has the greenest grass in the whole city , still :slight_smile:

There's lots of positions where guys might do well in one league but badly in another due to the rules differences, where he's just too small in one but his speed helps him in the other, or things like that. It's not uncommon.

Kicker is not one of those positions. It's pretty much the same, either you've got distance and accuracy or you don't. Given the pay difference between the leagues, it's not surprising at all that the stronger kickers are in the NFL, any more than it's not a surprise that the best goalies in the world are mostly in the NHL.

Two words. Salary cap.

The minimum salary in the NFL is higher than what 99 44/100% of all players in the CFL make. If you were a great field goal kicker, which league would you rather play in?

Still wondering?

Even with no salary cap, CFL teams couldn't pay a kicker anything close to that. Montreal tried that in the early 80,s and went broke. Teams are losing money with the salary cap, never mind with out one .

It's not 1995 anymore. The CFL had 75% of their teams make money, even before the new TV deal. Now all the CFL teams will make money according to both TSN and the commissioner. Stop talking like the league is losing money STILL, when that is clearly not the case.

Nobody is making enough to pay kickers anything close to NFL numbers . No way, Hamilton makes money this year, Calgary won't make ,Toronto losing money,BC as well not making any money. If a team does make money , it's not enough to start signing guys to ridiculous contracts.

While 3/4's of the league does make some money, nearly all of those make less then a half million profit. Edmonton for example had a good year last year and announced it made $207,000 last year. That would barely cover the typical NFL kickers salary in most cases.

While the league is making money, it is more of a non-profit organization as it stands with one franchise being the exception. Some of the teams will only now become lightly profitable with the new TV deal if the attendance and following of the league maintains it's current levels.

The NFL league Min is 405 000 ,and base goes up 75 k for the player per year. At the end of their agreement , rookie salary will be 500 000 !
Basically more than what Ray, Calvillo make!

Even better, if they got rid of their current punter and kickers salary they may be able to squeak them in. I also doubt that any CFL team is going to use nearly a 5th of their salary cap on a kicker.

I was just making a point that being profitable is a good thing in the CFL but it doesn't mean that they are making gobs of cash. Most of the teams profits would easily be consumed with just one rookie NFL salary added on. Even with the additional 2.7 million a year with next seasons TV contract it is peanuts in pro sports especially when comparing it to the lucrative NFL.

The little profit that some teams do make is usually put back in operating costs or kept in a rainy day fund as there will be years you will lose money .

As is the point in every NFL vs CFL talent comparison... economic disparity IS NOT proportional to the talent disparity. There are tens of thousands of football players in North America and hundreds if not thousands of kickers to choose from. In all that, there are 32 place-kicker positions in the NFL and 8 in the CFL. Yes, kickers make more than Ray or Calvillo in the NFL. However, despite the fact the 32nd best NFL kicker is making Calvillo money (or 10x rookie CFL kicker money), it DOES NOT follow that he is 10x better than the best CFL kicker.

The situation is further compounded by import / non-import considerations and the smaller roster sizes in the CFL. It is more common today to have dedicated punters and kickers on a CFL roster but some teams still employ one all-purpose kicker. This got the Argos into trouble week 1 when Swayze Waters went down to injury. An NFL roster will likely carry a kick-off specialist, field goal kicker and punter.

The argument would be bolstered perhaps by the use of statistics. Field goal kicking is probably the most black and white proficiency to assess in football and the easiest to compare between the leagues. What is the league wide field goal percentage in the NFL vs. the CFL? How much must we consider the wider hash-marks and winds in open ended stadiums in the CFL?

Exactly. Especially where there items like upgrades to facilities going on around the league everywhere. Even minor upgrades cost a pretty penny. Just replacing turf one year chews up that years TV profits.