NFL permantley in Canada in 5 yrs?

I was talking with some friends today, and they believe that after the 5 yr run of the Bills is over, that an NFL team will be in Canada, and the CFL is toast. Roger Goodell has said that the league is looking to expand in Canada, but how many of you believe that NFL expansion in Toronto will happen within 5 yrs?

You know, the funny thing is it doesn't even matter if Peyton and the Colts moved to Canada, I'd probably still try to see a CFL game first.

No I don't. I really think that the Bills will either stay put. If not, I don't think It'll be so easy for Rogers to bring a team to the (by NFL standards) small and obsolete stadium.

I've said this before, there's a lot of people in the states who want a NFL team and they have as much money as the guys from Toronto.

Although I must say Rogers is stinkin' rich . He's the second richest Canadian with a net worth of 7 billion dollars.

NFL may or may not come to Toronot.
Either way, the CFL will not be affected one iota.
The teams who should worry are the Blue Jays and Raptors.
The NFL will be the new team on the scene, and make them old news.

Roger Goodell has said that the league is looking to expand in Canada...
Wrong. Goodell said the exact opposite on Friday. Here is the text of his statements:
Goodell stopped well short of saying it's the first step in the Bills relocating to Toronto, something many believe would not only spell the end of the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats but the CFL as a whole.

“That’s not our focus right now,” Goodell said. "Our focus right now is trying to make sure the games we have committed to, which is one game over the next five years, are done successfully and done in a way that reflect well on Toronto and the Buffalo market.

“We’ll never take out the idea it could lead to more, but that’s not our plan. This is a deal for five years. We’re going to focus on the next five years.”

Goodell also reiterated the NFL’s commitment to the CFL.

“We are very conscious of our partners and friends in the CFL,” Goodell said. "We think that serves to promote football in Canada and we want to continue to be able to promote that.

“The CFL is very important to us. I believe very much their success is important. I’ve spoken to (CFL commissioner) Mark Cohon many times. I think he’s comfortable with the arrangements being made around these games to help the CFL. We want to continue to have a broader relationship with the CFL.”

Do you really think these guys that want a nfl team in TO are going to tell you the truth? Oh yah they love the CFL yah ok. Just trust us. Their trying to say all the right things to suck all the CFL people into a sense of false security. When 2 advertising agents from each league go into the same Sponsor ie. Rona and the CFL offers them some tickets or keyrings and the nfl guy goes in and offers him the world where do you think the moneys going? Wolves in sheeps clothing.

An NFL team won't hurt either the Jays or Raptors. The Jays will draw if they're in contention down the stretch (a mere month conflict) and Toronto's demographic alone will keep the Raptors alive. Will NFL be the toast of the town? Undoubtedly.

nfl depends on tv contracts for main source of revenue, they would not own the tv contracts up here, so why bother when you can just put a team in la or san antonio and make even more profit and stay American.

Don't kid yourself Temco.
The NFL will be the new fad on the block.
The Blue Jays are already fading.
If they don't contend, attendace will plummet.
And with a 100 million dollar payroll, they would be in trouble.
And as far as who owns Toronot.
All the teams play second fiddle to the Maple Leafs.
The Leafs are bigger then all those sports combined.
Hockey is our NFL. But only bigger.

The idea of the NFL coming to Canada is still there.

the international currency will not allow this to work overtime.

there are dozens of american cities that are more valuable to the NFL than toronto.

the end isnt near, an NFL team will just attract non-football fans to the games. who is willing to pay $200+ for a ticket to each game? toronto is full of immigrants.. as far as i know toronto FC would do better in a toronto market than NFL team. the argos struggle to get over 30,000 football fans to a game.

Rogers Centre is 25,000 seats too small for an NFL team.

An NFL team in Toronto will be bigger than the Leafs. Hockey is still an elitist sport. The changing demographic here is in tune to NFL football and basketball. The Blue Jays won't even compete with the NFL. Baseball..April to September. Football..September to January. I'm willing to bet that more people watch the Super Bowl than the Stanley Cup finals when their hometown NHL team gets eliminated before the championship round. My point is that there are more football fans in Toronto than there are Leaf fans. I do wonder if Madden outsells EA's NHL here in Toronto and Canada.

there are dozens of american cities that are more valuable to the NFL than toronto.
There's one. Los Angeles... and they, almost simultaneously, managed to lose two teams in recent memory.

actually theres 3, LA, San Antonio and Columbus. and i am sure they would choose austin, rochester, providence, anchorage, honolulu, memphis, louisville, oklahoma city, portland and baton rouge before they would choose toronto.

I still thinks that there will be a team in LA or Las Vegas before Toronto.

And the CFL can live without Toronto... We pretty much are doing so now lol

Sure Temco.
Whatever you say.
Changing dmographics?
Is that way Raptor TV ratings are getting tinier each year?
Leafs dominate Toronto.
Without the Leafs the Raptors would be dead already.
Hockey is king in Canada.
Anybody who questions that doesn't know what they're talking about