NFL perfect? Why then the talk of a possible Bills demise?

Interesting comments from Ralph Wilson, owner of the Bills, and the so called "perfect NFL" as some such as Paul Godfrey might say:

Wilson eyes Bills' future as city readies for worst

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The team makes say $10 mill but still might move or worst perhaps. A nice problem, unless you are a Bills fan who is loyal to the team but gets swept up in the renenue game that the NFL, like all leagues, play.

Ah, it's a perfect league, isn't it Paul? You make millions and the majority of the owners in the league want you out of your city because you didn't make enough money for them. Just perrrrfect.

shouldn't the Packers be facing the same problem?, maybe the Bills should become more like them if that's not the case.

or Godfery could buy them, keep them in Buffalo (cus the NFL would get on his case if he moved them to Toronto), but have some games played in Toronto, then people in TO would see how much the NFL suxs.

I can almost hear Paulie Numbnuts in Ted's office now: Oh pleeeeaaase the Bills for me to play with........pleeeeeaaaaassseeee Mr. Rogers, sir....I'm begging".
Ted looks down at Paulie and says" Get your hands off my wallet, Numbnuts. You've almost run the baseball team into the ground.......and by the way, look like you've just come in from skid row. Now get off your knees and get me some coffee."
If Godfrey wasn't embarrassing himself he would have nothing to do.

Nice argofan4life, made my morning getting to work just now!


I thought you'd enjoy that, Earl!! Have a great day at work.


Doubt anyone will go for that. Especially the NFL. Ottawa would probly be the last Canadian city theyd go to.

Holy shi* ORR, my gut is killing me right now from laughing so hard :lol: at your post.

Earl, do you really think I'm serious ? Actually, maybe the Bills will move to Toronto and the CFL will fall like a pathetic deck of cheap cards, like it is. :mrgreen:

You're right, I know it is out of frustration about the whole Ottawa thing. Fair enough, apologies (I think). Yah, I can see Ralph Wilson's family selling to a Canadian outfit, that could be the ultimate insult to American based Buffalo fans to lose their team to Toronto, will never happen. And like anyone or group in Toronto will outbid an American based bid, again, not going to happen.

If the Bills were to relocate, it would be in the US, and ORR, you should really look into taking Prozac or whatever you need to get over your bitterness. A lot of things went wrong in Ottawa, and all the off field stuff compounded itself. If you were losing millions , woudnt you cut your losses as well??

Ah, give ORR a bit of slack sambo, he has to do his bashing to stroke his ego that needs stroking from realizing that only people like the Gliebermans want to invest in a team in Ottawa. I'd feel pretty bad about my city if this were the case in hamilton also.

Personally, I love the CFL and Canadian Football. I was raised on it. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad following Russ Jackson, et al, and the Ottawa Rough Riders during the early 60's and beyond. Being loyal to it and following it, and being a season ticket holder until the Riders folded. I have always supported the CFL and even continued to followit for the 5 years it was gone from Ottawa. But now after what was done with the Renegades, I just feel jilted and cheated. I feel like the CFL abandoned Ottawa fans again. So screw it, who needs this BS. I may even still follow the Als. :evil:

Look, I can understand and appreciate how you feel. Fair enough. But if an owner comes along that the CFL thinks can make it work in Ottawa, with the mayor on board giving a decent rent deal and that, you will have a team again. Who knows what will happen, I'm not overly optimimistic but then I wasn't sure I'd ever get laid again after my ex told me she liked women better than me, I was down in the gutter for a while after that but I rebounded, in spades I might add, and, well, the rest is history.


......effective, maybe a bit too much info, but effective......

Yes R&W, but man, I was down, didn't feel like eating for a while, it wasn't good. But with time, onwards you go and that is that.
I think Ottawa can work but it is going to have to be almost exactly the right mix of the right partners all playing ball together, which could prove to be too difficult.

I agree, and wow, your ex put you through a lot of crap. Life can throw you curves. I lost my oldest brother last August of a massive heart attack, the second of my brothers to go like that. So, I know the feeling.

.....sorry to hear that man, I lost my mom to cancer last is strange....

Losing family members is severe......My sister passed away from the dreaded Cancer almost nine years ago, and we lost dad in December just before Christmas.

Lost one of my friends in an auto clash about a year ago, and one of my friends in New Orleans I haven;t heard from since the Hurricane.