It is an insult to Canadian culture that the disingenuously named Canadian Television Network showed NFL games last season starting with the game in London and continuing through the playoffs right up to the Superbowl, and they are sending the Grey Cup to TSN. Let's change this. This is an insult to Canada. How do we get people to really think about this? Any ideas?

The contracts were signed, there's nothign we can do. Its the equivalant of having the Grey Cup on CBS, FOX, or ABC, and then having the Super Bowl on ESPN.

SB's gonna be on NBC next year so they'll get a few more eyes.

Of course there’s something we can do. CTV can broadcast CFL games. They are the parent company of TSN. The CFL is not going to object to switching the Grey Cup, the playoffs, and other games to CTV. If they are made to look un-Canadian, they will show CFL games.

The brass at ctv doesnt regard the CFL as "Big League"?? They also dont pay much attention to tv ratings,. pitty :oops:

why would ctv should cfl games, when there isnt a huge demand from sponsors to buy commercial time, its simple economics, if companies and corporations were running to buy commercial spots, then obviously ctv woudl show every cfl game and grey cups, you people need to stop crying about culture, i dont see people losing their lives over the cfl.

Who says CFL ratings would be higher on CTV?

The ratings will probably be higher on TSN, a sports channel, rather than CTV which caters to a general audience.

TSN's ratings are 19% higher this year over last season when CBC was broadcasting the CFL...despite CBC reaching 3 million more households, most of whom don't watch football apparantly.

re-touchdown69 Canadian Football goes back further than American football, Its not so much about culture IMO its about preserving a superior Game!!! Why should Canada loose its Superior game to a corporate Boondoggle?? Which has no Grassroots interest in Canadian football? Why do the corporate advertising purchasers pay more for a inferior product that gets lower T V ratings?

The funny thing is, I bet that a lot of the ratings for the CFL is from people out west that have a higher income now then the people in southern Ontario (and I say that as a Hamiltonian). The people in TO are rather clueless and still believe Canada revolves around them.

I think its influence on teenagers on MTV and MuchMusic, that all these stars are gonna be at halftime for the Super Bowl. Half these people don't pay attention to the game or even know the rules.

Many many businesses have been kept out of canada, or rules changed to make sure they don't take over our culture, or our companies, which is really easy to do with a company who has 300 million potential customers instead of 30 million.

I don't know other than that how a show with lesser ratings than the Super Bowl could have a higher demand (higher ratings even in the Toronto region, someone was showing that the other day). In bars even in Vancouver NFL it seems is a popular gathering because of the whole image of many stars who have inter mingled with musicians and make millions. Its hard to really grasp, but on the whole in the east and the west CFL football gets higher ratings in each region, from what I have read.

CFL is more popular, half our channels are american so the NFL is obviously gonna be plastered all over the commercials to our favourite shows and so on.

Our league is superior, and CTV and all networks have to play a certain amount of canadian content. If the Super Bowl is seen as pushing the Grey Cup to a lesser station (like a Cable network, you will never see the Super Bowl on ESPN), then I think this is where the CRTC can step in. Then the TSN can play the Super Bowl, and CTV can be enjoyed by everyone. Plus I can go down to the beach or a park and have a grey cup party on rabbit ears for one of the last couple of years of rabbit ears broadasts. The fact is CTV is available on basic packages, TSN is not available unless you order a certain package on either Digital Cable, regular Cable, or order the Sports package on a satellite company. All of these have CTV under basic packages.

Its all about money.....CTV uses the NFL as an extra attraction to get people to view its main channel as Global and CBC can't compete (although global has the occassional game). They then use the CFL (which has way more appeal in canada than the NFL) to draw viewers to TSN, TSN being a subsription only station (this meaning you have to pay to see the CFL).

Absolutely X, ratings might not be higher at all on CTV. I love the CFL on TSN, hope it stays this way. Sports on a sports network where sports fans go, what a novel idea. Some sports fans might not go to CTV if only CTV carried the games.
Yes Green, I have to subscribe to TSN because that's the only thing I need to watch to be honest and all the games are there. Anything else, NFL, NHL etc. I'll just watch if they are on but wouldn't go out of my way to pay for if the only way to get games would be to have to subscribe to a specialty channel.

Global also has a game every week.

Here's the thing - the NFL is easy for CTV, because all it does is purchase the right to simulcast a game, and their only job is to sell the advertising spots.

They don't have to spend a penny filming, producing, or getting on-air talent to the game. I don't even know whether CTV has the personnel to broadcast a football game (independent of TSN, anyway). Who would they get to do play-by-play or colour? Do they have pro football quality camera guys? What about producers, and the myriad of other technical people?

I'm not aware of CTV really doing any of its own sports production - the sports it shows are all canned from somewhere else. And in regards to the CFL, what sense would it make for it to cannibalize it's own sister network?