NFL Offseason 2013: Draft & Free Agency

Linemen: In an overall thin draft otherwise, this is truly a lineman’s draft with 6 offensive lineman in the first round and at least 16 defensive linemen in the second round.

Well more than a third of players selected in the first two rounds will be linemen! That makes for an exciting draft – if you are also a lineman. Otherwise it’s a snooze-fest this year.

Here’s a summary of the only other positions I am tracking.

WR: At receiver the field is loaded with what looks to me like a lot of mediocrity at best. Patterson and Hunter out of Tennessee look the best to me.

CB: Rhodes and Trufant look the best, and there will be value discovered given the depth this year. So far I like Jamar Taylor, Slay, and McGee in depth.

LB: There is good depth at OLB plus Kevin Minter of LSU at ILB in the first round. The top four linebackers to go off the board are from either Georgia or LSU!

Look at all the moves at QB lately in free agency in a scramble of sorts given the overall subpar QB class for the draft coming up in 3 weeks.

Portis was stolen from the CFL today by Seattle, and I have no idea how that was accomplished given that he signed with Toronto in March.

And then even many has-been's and never-was's are being signed by new teams!

Here are some thoughts on the upcoming NFL draft next week.

John Elway -- picking 28th is same as picking 10th

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In this year's draft deep in linemen it is I agree.

Mock draft observations

I think much of what these guys say and print is douchebag fodder for this fruitless exercise.

Here are some general observations on the picks of these guys.

Any team drafting a safety in this year's first round is wasting that pick and should trade down if they can't get a lineman they want who is worth near that pick.

No QB is anywhere near Geno Smith who is only going to be drafted high because there is such a QB shortage. Any other team picking any other QB in the first round is also on a ship of drunken vomiting fools sailing for an iceberg.

When everyone agrees a team is going to use its pick for one particular player, that's not going to happen.

Manti Te'o is fool's gold.

Briton Lawrence Okoye:

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They don't make many at 6-6 and over 300 with this sort of agility and athleticism, and I am confident, despite the learning curve, he'll be playing professional gridiron football somewhere.

In the CFL he would be classified as a non-import for that matter.

Get ready tomorrow night for likely the most underwhelming and boring NFL draft in years.

I’m aiming real low because maybe then I can be surprised.

Brace yourself for a parade of linemen whom we can’t recognise as stuffed into huge custom suits. :roll:

It looks to me that these guys are so stuffed into those suits that they are only one quick turn or only one gaseous release away from shreds.

I’ll be treating myself to drinks and a baby back rib dinner as a tribute. :slight_smile:

Im hoping my Eagles dont draft Dion Jordan the defensive end from Chip Kelly's Oregon team. I feel Philly has more than enough depth at D line...

That's a fine point. There would be then no reason for the Eagles or any team stacked on the D Line to draft him or any defensive lineman high in the first round.

Even so I argue that it's worth it in a 4-3 to have a strong third DE and pass rusher to backup the other two like you see the New York Giants do.

All if no picks until after number 14, this is the year to take the best offensive or defensive lineman available off the board.

I count at least 26 linemen to be picked amongst the first 60 picks. It's no accident that free agency was so lively this year given this overall subpar draft class except amongst the linemen.

Geno Smith selected in Round 2 by the Jets; now they ponder in the merry go round release of Sanchez [I'm so Dizzy... my head is spinning]; my thoughts are get rid of that Tim Tebow....enough already. Link below.

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How the Jets expect Geno Smith to be a starter is beyond laughable. Some of that video Kiper showed critiquing him during the draft as he was selected showed Smith missing open receiver after open receiver. The all the news that he spent more time focused on his facebook and twitter when he should've been talking to GMs and coaches at interviews. He's got a long long way to go before he should be a starting QB anywhere. I used to live in LA for a while and I've seen Matt Barkley play before this season. A rough year at USC this year that ended up with the season ending injury really cost him. IMO he is/was better than his draft position. Then again QBs coming out of USC in the last few years haven't really lit it up in the NFL (Sanches, Leinert, even Carson Palmer to some extent).

Two teams, the Chiefs and Bengals, are implementing new offences. The Chiefs are going with a hybrid offence of sorts, and the Bengals are going with a West Coast offence.

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Essentially the Eagles look to be setting themselves up for analogous problems to those of the CFL Eskimos of last year no matter what happens after the first 4 to 6 games with the new offence.

Sometimes guys via ESPN like former Eagle's QB Ron "Jaws" Jaworski just come off as windbags for sake of more ESPN hype, but I think he's onto something here.

More discussion and more teams on new offences...

Browns, Bears, Bills, Cardinals, and the grand mess that are the Jets:

[url=] ... ch-offense[/url]

Browns - Pro Set & Spread
Bears - Pro Set & Spread
Bills - West Coast
Cardinals - Pro Set or Spread? They ran the spread before under Whisenhunt
Jets - West Coast

For all players drafted lower than the 2nd round, Shamarko Thomas, as drafted in the 4th round by the Steelers, is the only player I picked from this year's lowly draft who I think will vastly outplay his selection.

Well your hopes have been fulfilled.

The Eagles did well to take a fine offensive tackle with the 4th pick, and Miami traded up from the Raiders to take Dion Jordan with the 3rd pick. :thdn:

Then the Raiders screwed up their pick (12th) as usual. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will probably start a new NFL thread this weekend if someone else does not beat me to it.

Check out what the Giants are doing to fill a void at running back either on passing downs or as a backup:

Many a has-been or never-was is on the list, but Leon Washington I say still has versatility and game:

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