NFL officiating

Everyone always says that the NFL is so superior to the CFL, especially the officiating. After watching the Browns-Cardinals game yesterday, I'm going to have to say not so much. In the last quarter alone, I felt there was 3 missed calls, one costing the Browns the game. Kellen Winslow, on the last play of the game, comes up with an extraordinary catch, but is ruled incomplete. He clearly would've come down in bounds, but was forced out. He got one foot down, and definitly would've had the other as well.

I have not said that the NFL is superior but I have bitched about the CFL Reffing. My point is the reffing needs to be better, regardless.

I have seen NFL bad officiating threads before.

After watching the Ravens/Patriots highlights...I'm starting to question the officiating as well. It seeemed to me like those officials were doing what they could to keep the Pats perfect record going.

Did you watch, "The Best Damn Sports Show Period"? They covered that exact topic. The guys brought up points that the only calls that were game deciding calls were actually real penalties and would've been Bitched about if they weren't called.

BDSSP is the best show on TV!!!!

Go back to the Seattle Pittsburgh Super Bowl. Attrocious!