NFL Offences Spreading It Out Akin to CFL More Than Ever

Here’s an outstanding article by Jared Dubin of CBS Sports, with various easy-to-read stats, of how much the NFL has gone to more spread offences and sets than ever. I have to wonder just how much influence is via various coaching moves in and out of the CFL too.

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Now more than 60% of snaps in the NFL, all things considered when you read the explanations on the stats, are out of a spread formation now as compared to less than half four years ago in 2011!

I used to write on this forum about the few offences in the NFL operating out of a spread and the shotgun much of the time (New Orleans, Arizona, Green Bay, and Peyton Manning on many downs have been at it for years for example), and now taking the snap when not under centre is the norm and not the exception!

And this thread is worth a bump too because the NFL offences of 2010 do not resemble much the NFL offences of 2015.

The article linked below explains the reasoning behind the spreading out.