NFL not the ultimate goal for coaches anymore

Interesting article on the Nick Saban situation. NFL not the holy grail for coaching in the States. An excerpt:

"It used to be that coaching in the NFL was the Holy Grail, the ultimate goal, the fervent aspiration of every man who ever strung a whistle around his neck and led a team through grass drills. But the landscape has changed dramatically at the college level in a lot of areas: compensation, lifestyle, control issues. And a notion that once would have been considered absurd -- that some men actually consider college jobs more desirable than NFL positions now -- is hardly far-fetched."

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Probably less preasure in College?????

And the money isn't bad, either....for both coaches and players.
Last week, during a game on TV, a broadcaster was jokingly talking about players "taking a pay cut" when they moved to the Pros. Then he laughed, and tried half-heartedly to recant, still laughing.

One of those 'inside' jokes, I guess.