NFL? Not F/n Likely

I have a huge rant about this pathetic Monday night game, but I think anyone watching it will catch what I mean... I'd rather watch Sask. vs. Mtl. anytime. At least you'd see players who've been coached as to how to play their position. BLAAAAA!!!!!!!!

LOL, MNF uck now with those crap ppl they like to call commentators...

Come on guys, you did see some hitting and tackling, blocking, running, passing etc. It's football afterall, no need to rag on the NFL. Some excellent NFL games just like CFL and vica versa.
Commentators, well, that's a different story altogether.

No, I love NFL football. Im just saying Tirico, Jaws, and Kornheiser arent MNF quality, I guess you could say


Unfortunately because Vick isn't playing this year (that's not unfortunate at all), the falcons are just plain terrible to watch, thus we get a crappy MNF matchup.

Im not a fan of the Giants either, or any new york team in any league.

The team that commentates has to be the worst Commentating team in NFL history.

It is a shame that one bald no-talent the NFL picked up from PTI has to destroy the atmosphere of Surround sound Football.

I cannot get over how pathetic this guy is. I mean he is really, horribly, awful. There are NO words to describe that talentless piece of nothing.

How much money could they possibly be paying this loser? All that horseshoe haired skinny Sh!t for brains wannabe does, is make me turn the game to mute. Bring Back Dennis Leary or was it Miller?

I don't care who replaces him just turn off the guys mic. Man does he suck!

I liked Joe Theisman the best outta the 4 last year


Yeah, then those smart ppl at ESPN decided to let him go, for no apparent reason

I liked him too but I think he isn't shy about expressing his opinions. Remember the Ricky thing and the Argos last year? My guess he made enemies with the higher-ups at ESPN.

Yeah thats true. He was right in many ways though about that. I also remember how people said he shouldnt speak about that because of his son being in jail for dealing cokeā€¦ and not the drink haha