NFL New Kickoff Rule In Consideration

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In my view, more touchbacks in the NFL as could result from this new rule would take the game down several notches in my view.

All the same, no one knows how the game will be after the resolution of this increasingly uglier lockout.

Kickoff returns are a great part of the game, so with any resultant increase in touchbacks essentially they take most of the remaining good special teams play out of the game.

Of course we already have most punt plays as short on action given all the touchbacks and fair catches.

If this new rule passes it is just plain lame.

The momentum for this rule change is still looking positive though there is quite a bit of weighty negative feedback.

They are changing the entire game for the worse.

You've all heard not just me as a very loud critic as hateful of the overtime scrimmage formats in any football league whatsoever.

Essentially this change marginalises all but perhaps 20% of existing special teams play to make what is now football into something like "scrimmage ball."

Geez did we forget why it's still called football even though of course the dominant element is running and passing?

It's almost as if attorneys are making the rules now! :x

With a change like this to make the game basically scrimmage ball not football, definitely I will be turning my eyes even more to Canadian football with its enhanced return game as well as to rugby union depending on how they alter the Laws of the Game after the World Cup this year.

Just think with such changes for the NFL in basic rules to force less play of the ball in the field and not more, now between scores we get to wait perhaps 50% longer with also this made for TV change to facilitate also longer, planned commercial breaks than already! :roll:

And predictably, watch out for guaranteed homers in the "free" media who will only be going along with this change as puppets of the NFL.

I have no doubt these dudes will expose themselves well on this matter, and I will be amongst the millions to let them hear about it as homers for which the likes of Mike Tirico, Peter King, and Cris Collinsworth have been exposed in the past. In fact, I bet those two arrogant jerks will as usual weigh in on the NFL's sides as they almost always do as the hacks and shills they are down here.

The changes were passed going back to the very same kickoff rules as existed prior to 1994.

At first glance the difference in statistics for the return game is quite significant.

However note as stated below that in 1991 there were more returns for TD than in 2010 even under the prior rules!

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I'm waiting this one out before passing judgement other than on the bogus claim that is is for player safety from the same bunch of greedy owners who pushed for 18 games and will continue to do so. :roll:

I do see the dominant material adverse affect coming in the indoor facilities though.

Why would they want less returns in the game? That seems counterproductive to add excitement. :? Player safety as you say Paolo?

Oh no it's definitely not at the core for player safety, as that is the propaganda.

Fewer returns offer also the following advantages to mostly the OWNERS who in proposing 18 games and very late to the party on high hits to defenseless players could give a massive crap about player safety! :roll:

And contrary to what I have seen reported on here by one party and as evidenced by record television ratings, NFL fans by and large like the return game we have and would not want to see it reduced. In fact personally I know of not one NFL fan of many whom I know down here who wants fewer kick returns. :roll:

Whoever is talking like that is the common, dominant, American mentality on the kicking game in the NFL might as well be selling steaming hot piles of horsecrap on fine china.

Give me a break the owners sure as hell are not doing this for the fans either. :roll:

Less need to have an additional player on roster have near as much clout for the contract due to his great return specialty. Six teams opposed the change and chiefly because they had an above average return game. The rest of the teams would rather not have that extra star on the payroll now or in the future with no salary cap all the same, and they don't want that later even with a salary cap.

More consistently predictable commercial breaks, in this case especially in the first half on changes of possession from not only overwhelmingly on punts but also kickoffs, work to the advantage in volume for increasing advertising revenue. When a team has a big return for example, it can screw up some of the scheduling for commercial breaks because sometimes the production call is made to defer the break to after the team's offensive drive given the momentum swing. The more predictable the breaks, the better the advertisers like it and the more they will pay. Less returns overall means far more predictable breaks en masse means more revenue.

The reviews are in from the preseason already and this rule change just plain SUCKS!

Expect a whole season of this dominant pattern more than ever just like after a fair catch on the punts:

  1. Score 2) PAT 3) Commercial Break 4) Kickoff 5) Touchback 6) Commercial Break

Check out the Bears who ignored the rule for the first half and then were scolded: :lol:

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This rule change has nothing to do with player safety and is just for, over the volume of kickoffs, more stoppages so that they can have consistent and regular commercial breaks. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Take the matter of head shots on which the league acted only in belated fashion after last season, or how long many decades after the flying wedge was outlawed in American football that they banned the wedge blocking scheme on kickoffs only a few seasons ago.

Any time you hear that a league is looking out for player safety, that is just plain BS pandered by the media hacks because they are just looking out for their bottom line first before any such consideration. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Meanwhile I'll get my fix on the return game from the CFL though overall it has been unimpressive in that regard this season compared to last season.

The stats are in to back up my suspicions as noted below as the sports media do not point this out yet. It's nothing to do with "player safety" and everything to do with business and more consistent commercial breaks.

I dread the new rules and appreciate the CFL game even more with its return game intact at least for regulation as I HATE the scrimmage OT format in any kind of gridiron football.

Fortunately they kept the 30-yard line for kickoffs in college, but NCAA ball has its own issues well beyond most teams with awful defence and especially terrible tackling.

I don't know if the links below will work, but the stats are on the NFL page under stats and Kickoff Kicker and Kick Returner sorted by Pct and by yardage respectively.

I had a look at kickoff stats for 2011, and here is what it shows as sorted by touchback percentage with those at 50% or more:

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Also they put in a lame-butt rule to not allow guys on the kickoff team to line up for running more than five yards behind the new kickoff line.

Nine guys make the list at 50% or more with only one from last season and zero from 2009, and touchbacks are way up overall.

I was surprised to see none of these guys at the top of the list who were playing indoors, but I was not surprised to see Matt Prater in Denver at high altitude at the top.

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Return yards are way down year-to-year too. Under the guise of "player safety," this is really as I stated before about ensuring more television timeout turnover by having less returns on average.

It's a business move for the owners more than anything else, because we know damn well until this year that the owner's did not change any other rules for "player safety."

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I’m getting the sense you do not like American football Paolo You never say anything good about it

You have not yet read all my other NFL posts have you? Check out the playoff thread!

I don't care for NCAA football near as much any more though, and I'm hardly unique on that given the corruption of the BCS and the NCAA and ESPN.

The touchback is the worst part of NFL football. It penalizes the kicker who manages to kick the ball a good distance and gives free yards at no cost. This is why I love the single as it applies to kickoffs and punts.

However, if I had to keep the touchback, my rule would be you only get 10 yards and the kickoff is backed up another 10 yards. This would increase the chance of a safety (which is nearly absent from NFL football), encourage people to actually run it out of the endzone and give a clear benefit for having good distance on a kick.

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Here's a fine article on the matter that ignores the most important one, for go figure the article is on CBS with its television interests intact first and foremost for more predictable, and overall on average longer, commercial breaks at key times. That's the real reason this rule change was made. Check out now that the NCAA has followed suit!

Player safety right? Yeah ...okay ...

Note that this core point does not go past the fans who comment on it below the article with general dislike for the new rule.

Now the league does have to take player safety far more seriously given the legal threat that has grown considerably from former players with medical issues via class action or otherwise, so there will not be any going back, but give me a break if the league were truly serious about player safety at a higher level before 2010 the owners would have changed so many other rules long ago.

One of many cases in point is that somehow the horse collar tackle is allowed still on the quarterback when he's in the pocket. Shoulder pad tackles on the QB in the pocket okay I can understand, but reaching for the actual collar directly behind the neck on a sack and pulling down? No player safety issue there right? :roll:

Well they do have a problem with kickoffs in the NFL that is for sure since they don't seem to know what to do.

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