I had the NFL Network a couple years back and I just got it again. I love the channel and cannot see how anybody who loves football doesn't love it the same.

The NFL Films presents Programs
The NFL Football Follies
America's Game
NFL's Greatest Game
In their own Words
NFL Point After (during season)
Welcome to the NFL (profiles rookies)
. . . Just to name some of the best shows on NFL Network . . . Even the commercials are more entertaining than regular TV.

Any fan of football does not have a legitimate reason to hate this network.

I get as part of my cable extended package. I love it when I'm in the mood for some football. But don't watch it a lot but glad it's there.

The problem I have with it though is it's a bit of a tease, just gets me wanting the real thing, live football games. So sometimes better left not watching it if you know what I mean.

apparently Dust has a problem with it, i personally love it.

I have it on the dish, but really, unless its something really good with nothing else on, I really don't tune in.

I checked box #3!

I love it. But I cant get enough football, so...

never had it, would probably like it, but not too interested. Maybe someday.

I voted option 3. The mix of good programs and filler programs makes me more or less neutral. The game production was less than satisfactory, but the NFL Films stuff is good.

Wish the CFL had something like it!

I am obsessed with the NFL Network. had for a year and a half now and i cant stop watching it.