NFL network coverage:

In the beginning =, when it looked like the nfl season was in jeopardy, they announced their schedule to show two games a week and (possibly) playoffs and the GC. Now...on their own site there is no mention of the previous mentioned. Looks to me like the American fans are going to be screwed again when the second season begins.

We are going to be out of luck on the NFL Network after this weekend I think because all the playoff games are on Sunday and the NFL won't compete with itself understandably. So off to find the links online we go, and I always hate that the Grey Cup is Thanksgiving Weekend down here on Sunday evening when I am usually on travel anyway.

Otherwise, for the regular season, I've noticed that NFL Network shows two games a weekend if not three like last weekend.

Thank God because we have no alternatives on Friday night unless you are into high school football homer crap.

College football tends to suck during the day on Saturday though the games at night are often good, but it's nice to have a CFL alternative if it starts by 9PM.

When games go well past midnight, either I am onto something else or asleep.

Otherwise I watch either the CFL game or an NCAA Pac12 game, as Pac12 ball has usually the only match-ups in the NCAA that I enjoy.

Now we'll see how the Saturday matchup between Winnipeg and Calgary holds up, but though unlikely if both Edmonton and Calgary were to lose then BC with that late Saturday night game has nothing to play for I think.

It would be great to have four quality games to finish off the season.

If you are in the US and you find a link online to view the playoff games, please post it in the game thread!

If you are looking for links best to try JustinTV at kick off its usually the best

Thanks HG Robs.

That was true for Justin TV until August when they banned all the rebroadcasters of the games. :thdn:

I have other sources, but sometimes I come up empty.

uh, double post

Online games are increasingly slim pickin's. You best bet is still ESPN3 if you can get it. Or bribe some Canuck to install a Sling Box for you. I understand it's also possible to get a Canadian dish if you can get a Canadian address.

America One will distribute the Eastern and Western Finals and the Grey Cup once again.

Altitude Sports will air the Eastern Finals and the Grey Cup LIVE; the Western Finals is same-day delay (with re-arings of all three later in each perspective week).

:rockin: to find the channels for free or on basic cable in your state too.

If you're in the Bay Area where America One isn't shown, the Englander in San Leandro has a HD TSN feed (it even has some Canadian Legion plaques). I can't say for sure the game will be on but I can't imagine why it wouldn't be. Call ahead and check.

I wouldn't bother with Ricky's (also in San Leandro) even though the place has about 80 screens. The last time I was there I asked them put the CFL on one measly screen and they refused. I now refuse to give them any more of my business.


I contacted the Englander through its Facebook page and got the following reply, "Hi Robert.....Yes, we will be showing the CFL the pub for times and more info - 510-357-3571 and Thanks for loving us!!! We appreciate it!!!"

I'll be taking in the Grey Cup there next weekend, in HD Glory! Good beers too :rockin:

I stand corrected. The Western Final aired LIVE on Altitude2. I just happened to catch it as I was channelsurfing after the Eastern Final matchup.

I'm looking forward to watching the Grey Cup LIVE on Altitude Sports.


I like this trend of the NFL Network covering CFL games on Fridays and Saturdays and now more NFL games on Thursdays as soon as next season.

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Too bad they won't add the CFL playoffs because all those games are on Sunday.

In September and October, the NFL Sunday schedule is way too crowded with good games anyway, so moving one of those games to Thursday night before November hits is a massive plus.

No one but folks in the Northeast and in Chicago and in a few towns in the MLB playoffs cares about baseball, and no one I know is missing the NBA right now either. And if you meet such a person, they are probably a loser too.

Waiting until November to show NFL games on the NFL Network on Thursdays is too long for us down here.

And definitely on Saturdays I'll take at least one of the CFL games over the college football games with the NCAA with less than a handful of truly good teams in any given season (i.e. only LSU and Alabama this year, and they were boring to watch when they played each other).