NFL Network banishes CFL to *tape delay

Noticed several games that were supposed to be live on the NFL Network are now being moved to tape delay probably because of the NFL settlement and all the news that is breaking. Bummer!

Monday, August 1st at 12:00 AM ET (Tape Delay) British Columbia @ Winnipeg
Monday, August 1st at 3:00 AM ET (Tape Delay) Calgary @ Saskatchewan
Saturday, August 6th at 1:00 AM ET (Tape Delay) Edmonton @ Winnipeg

Well of course the NFL is going to try to push its own agenda to exclude all others even if that means trying to get folks once again into seriously lame and awful preseason ball. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

No one down here will be missing much if they did not catch that game of Winnipeg and BC anyway.

Fans not watching online will be missing out though big-time on great match-ups in two weeks on the last full weekend before Labour Day, 11 through 13 August, before the August breaks start.

No one down here will be missing much if they did not catch that game of Winnipeg and BC anyway...according to paola x

...say Paola
...Do you intentionally try to crap on everything Bombers...or is it that you just can't help yourself.... :thdn:

It's starting to annoy me and others a tad.....and that's not a good thing :wink: ..If you want a big target on your back as far as Bomber fans're doing a good job...Normally i don't reply to crap...but i've made an exception this time :wink:

Not just Blue Bomber fans, when we used to say in Hamilton that "nobody blows like the Argo's," it aint so anymore eh PX?

Just shut your lame self up already -- your Ti-Cats won well and leave it at that? Be happy about that, but now you have to go on now for the Bombers?

When you go trolling out for losers on other teams you are well over yourself bud. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Don't you have me foe'd yet anyway?

Ah I won't accept such an attempt at flattery, for you do a fantastic job all your life of representing the ultimate crap that is the Bombers on your own you loser. :thup: :thup: :thup: Stick that where it belongs if you can't stick to topic.

I watch all 4 CFL games live each week online for free:

Here's a link to a replay game:

The live games are the same concept as far as the link is concerned. I don't need the NFL Network to watch live CFL games.

I don't get the NFL network, but a reason to watch a game there would be that it is high resolution, no?

I got an HD monitor and the attention to detail is pretty vivid here on my computer. I run it off a Linux RedHat setup in full screen mode.

You stream the NFL Network? I use ESPN 3, and while I'm grateful I can watch every game in standard 4:3 aspect ratio, I do wish there was an option for 16:9.

I don't stream the NFL network. I don't have a subscription to the NFL network. I was referring to ESPN3 in my computer setup.

Don't mind him, papazoola...he's just cocky now that he's back on his Eskimo Band Wagon. Living here in Edmonton, I see them in DROVES!! lol

For me it's the quality of the feed that determines the resolution via my Mac to also my PC monitor 1152x870 75hz resolution, not the broadcast network.

Note that my PC monitor is three years old, so it is possible that your picture will be even better.

Last season I would get as close to HD as one can on that same monitor but would get with the actual TSN feed, not the NFL Network, and all those commercials like for RONA and Tim Horton's.

This year I am running into more the ESPN3 feeds, and so the quality is not as good and those commercials are so annoying. Have you seen the Red Stag ad enough for example? :roll:

One major and obnoxious Bombers fan re-streams one of the ESPN3 feeds, and I'm thankful for that, but I think he's probably drinking a lot as the game wears on because he gets worse.

There is one feed via ESPN3 that is giving me a near-HD picture though, but it was not around this past weekend.

I'll seek out that feed again next time around and post the link too.

It's so ridiculous that not every cable company has ESPN3 too down here and here we are going the extra mile as they show nothing but baseball highlights, baseball, poker, and other crap as we watch real football.

It's even more ridiculous too that ESPN just does not stream straight the TSN feed for ads too, but ESPN 3 does have some big names in its ads like Lexus and the US Navy.