NFL/NCAA castoff QB's

there are plenty once highly touted QB's still with no team. Byron Leftwich, Daunte Culpepper, Tim Rattay, Marques Tuiasasopo, and plenty still to be released. Not to mention the hundreds of NCAA QB's, such as Chris Leak, and probably Colt Brennan will join this list soon as well. The Vick brothers are also an option. While it is very likely alot of these guys will be re-signed by an NFL club, don't be surprised to see 1 or 2 up here in the next few years. I am just using this thread to state that there is a surplus of Quarter Backs in the NFL currently, and much more to come in this draft, so it will be very difficult for alot of these guys to find work. This could be useful for such teams as Montreal, BC and Saskatchewan. could these guys come knocking on the CFL's door?

Yah we need a 4th qb in BC

Not sure if Leftwwich, Culpepper, Rattay would come north for minimal dollars, I'd assume they would hang it up first...but for younger QBs who want to prove themselves the CFL is a good option.

Great thread!
Forget about Culpepper, he showed he could still play in his return from knee surgery and should stick around the NFL. Leftwich will sign with another NFL team for far less than before,but still to expensive for the CFL, and Rattay isn't athletic enough to be an effective CFL QB. Tuiasasopo on the other hand has a pretty good arm and runs like a fullback. He might be intriguing. Chris Leak may also be a possibility... and because of his size and impressive college stats, Colt Brennan will get more than one chance down south.

One guy who might be great up here would be 2006 Heisman winner Troy Smith. He is a superb athlete, has pretty good arm strength, and only made $250,000 last year. Another great QB prospect might be Tracy Ham clone Seneca Wallace. Seattle added Charlie Frye who began last year as Cleveland's starting QB. The move might force Wallace to be a back up receiver and or kick returner, but his cap number might be too high for those duties. (or for the CFL for that matter).

Great point about Seneca Wallace ... Ive been tracking his progress for a long time now and if ANYONE fits the mold its him.



I agree with Kel.

I've liked Wallace for the point where I thought he was close to being the man in Seattle a couple years back when Matt H. was either hurt or struggling....

I'm with Artie and kel on this one, I have always thought Seneca Wallace would make a good CFL QB.

I have to disagree with the original poster, however, I don't believe my Als are in any need of more QBs.

We're heading into this season with Anthony Calvillo, Marcus Brady, and Joshua Harris, and with that lineup I am quite content.......and we still also have Brad Banks and Will Proctor on the roster.

So I don't see Montreal being in the market for more QBs.

I like Wallace as well, trouble is, the NFL probably pays him more as a Backup than a CFL team could pay him as a starter.

All about dollars!

You see, that's where I wish there was some option to do something like what happened to Flutie where he was able to get a personal services contract or whatever it was that kept him up here. If some owner wants to do this, why not I say in order to keep or get in the first place a Flutie type guy who you know or pretty-well know at least would be a great CFL qb,

Guys like David Braley and Bob Young could probably afford a personal services contract. But what about the smaller market teams? Could a Saskatchewan and Winnipeg compete with a personal services contract? Probably not. That is why the SMS came into play. We have to keep a level playing field.

Weren't the Roughriders one of the worst offenders of the salary management system? Wasn't that one of if not THE reason they had to let Joesph go?

Personal services contracts such as the one Flutie was given was an unmitigated disaster for the league and anyone who even considers bringing them back should give their head a shake...
And does anyone know if Flutie ever collected his salary from Calgary after that team went bankrupt? Or has the league ever recovered the money spent on Flutie while in TO when that team went bankrupt?

Never again!

Has the league announced anything in this regard? Or is this just the 93rd reincarnation of the same baseless rumour?

GM Eric Tillman did say that its not like the team didn't have the money to sign Joesph, they just couldn't because it would have meant cutting at least 2 other players in order to stay under the cap.

Also, when the cap was first going into effect, the Riders were identified as one of the teams that were over and therefore had to rid themselves of a number of pricey veterens

But its not like the league was just sailing along with no problems until personal services contracts came about. The Stamps were bankrupt BEFORE Flutie came into the picture. Also, the only reason Flutie wasn't paid was because the owner who signed him to that contract had his whole business empire collapse.
Also, in Toronto it wasn't like the Argos were packing em' in either. The team was losing tons of money anyways and bringing in Flutie was thought to be good for the overall image of the league. Did it work? Heck no, but had those contracts not been signed, we would n't be talking about the great Doug Flutie, rather the careers of Steve Taylor, Kerwin Bell, and Major Harris.

What you have to be mindful about and look for in the CFL next off-season, is the fact that if a guy has an MVP year his salary goes up to MVP levels. Yes, regardless of the SMS or rumors or any other factors(KJ taking a cut in 07' didn't help).


You are correct. It was not just personal service contracts at fault here. But it was still a mistake then, and would be now. The point is, why have a cap at all if you are already considering means to dismantle it? It frankly defeats the purpose of a cap, if you allow the wealthy owners a way to simply outbid other teams for key players.
As for Doug Flutie himself, I think the league did okay talent wise before Doug Flutie, and has done okay since, so I hardly think it would have been a big deal if Doug Flutie had never played here. What if Doug Flutie had never been born? My god, the football would have su.cked!!
And to get a little further perspective from the "Doug Fltie" example, even "Doug Flutie" didn't make "Doug Flutie money" immediately. He came into the league and proved himself before he began to make the big coin. So if a guy like this Wallace character came to the league this year, I think a GM would have to be on crack to offer him huge coin--what people are suggesting is to make him instantly the highest paid QB in the league, and by a significant amount--when in reality, he is a "wanna be" not an "already is". Maybe he could be good. Maybe he'll stink. On paper, he doesn't look as good as Akili Smith did, and how'd that work out? But as a back-up in the NFL, he likely makes a couple of million a year. To entice him to the CFL, how much will that personal service contract need to be for? And then when you offer a relative nobody a million, or two per year, then what will Ricky Ray be worth? Or Kevin Glenn? Ricky Ray isn't going to stay in Edmonton and make 400,000 if TO is offering 2 million. And if Wallace is worth 1 million, Ricky Ray must be worth 3.....
Personal services contracts were a bad idea, are a bad idea, and will be a bad idea for the foreseeable future.
There are some tweaks to the system available to help maintain stability with veteran players, but that simply will not fly....

Even when Flutie came into the League, he was the highest paid player. $350,000 plus $200,000 in the form of "personal services" and bonuses.

I don't know whether that is true or not, but as it does not particularly help your case, terrific.
He then proceded to not once, but twice go to the highest bidder, at value far beyond the ability of most teams to pay, and far beyond any intrinsic value based on his ability. And the end result was a drastic escalation of salaries for all QBs in the league and a continued escalation of the massive financial difficulties the league faced in the 1990s.
I think a much stronger case can be made that CFL QBs are overpaid at this time, than you ever can that paying them 2 million a year makes even the slightest amount of sense.

He was paid that much as he said so himself in his book. His value was quite intrinsic.
However I do agree with your point of bidding wars starting for top talent. That wouldn't be all that great. Perhaps a system could be used like they have in the NHL or NBA where the marquee player could only make up to a certain percentage of the overall salary cap. (say 20%). That way pretty much everyone could protect their top players but you could still attract and lets not forget RETAIN top talent (Ray's and Printers' stints in the NFL).