I think we're back to where we were at the midway point with Manning Favre and Brees all worthy. I think Rivers has worked his way into the mix

I don't know what to think... Last week it was Brees all the way. This week... pfft. Peyton won, and Brees lost. I don't know... :lol:

manning is by far the better qb out of all 4 if you include philip. i would like to point out some key points to think about tho...manning has how many legit receivers? 1, wayne, and dallas clark at TE. manning has berrian rice peterson taylor ( manning as well has addai but almost never is utilized) the new guy harvin. brees has reggie bush, thomas, colston, cant remember the other buddys name, and shockey. and philip as well as LT and sproles in his backfield, as well as a receving corps with an average height of what like 6'3. i think manning has proved that he doesnt need wayne harrison and clark to be the best. also peyton has showed how well he can work the clock every year...but that New England game...there is no question that has to be the best 4th quarter comeback in years. he may not beat some of them in numbers...but his composure to win games that they are behind late in the game...without throwing the ball 50 yards in the air and than praying your receiver makes you look good...farve... for me manning is a no brainer

There's no denying Manning is having a great year, and he's doing it with scraps. He's making guys like Collie and Garcon look like all-stars. And he still leads the league in passing yards and he's near the top for completion percentage even though the Colts virtually have no running game (What's up with Addai???). And you can't forget all the great comeback games this season. You look at all these things, and you gotta think Manning is the leading candidate...

... my only issue is with the INTs. He has 15 on the season, which matches the fourth highest total of his career, and he's thrown 11 in his last seven games. I don't like that at all. I know it probably seems ridiculous to harp on that one little stat considering he's tied his second highest career total for TDs (33), and he's passed for more than 4200 yards... I just wish he'd stop throwing a pick every single game.

I agree Chief but I think the media gives Manning a pass on the int's. If Favre threw those they would be all over how careless he is with the ball. I will admit I'm a Favre fan but will try not to be a homer. I'll admit last night took him a big step back. The only one thing that leaves me puzzled this year is how people figure Manning's playing with scraps and Favre has big weapons. Last time I checked Manning is still throwing to 2 Pro Bowlers which is more then almost all Qb's can say. I guess he's been spoiled when he had Harrison yet too. On the other hand when the year started people all figured Favre had AD in the backfield but who was he going to throw too. Now all of the sudden all these guys who have never sniffed a pro Bowl are big weapons. I believe Rice's biggest game last year was 35 yards, Berrian is been injured all year and arvin is every bit the rookie Collie is so maybe Favre has a bit something to do with these guys looking like all stars too. People also seem to forget none of the Saints WR's were pro bowlers last year so I just have trouble feeling sorry for Manning having ONLY 2 all star pass catchers. This being said he's a darn great QB but just had to vent on the argument of him having no talent vs the other guys

True, Favre doesn't have a lot of offensive weapons... and that's part of my problem with him. Peyton is working with rookies, and he's leading in passing yards, and he's tied with Brees for TD passes. Favre, on the other hand, is 9th in passing yards (11th in yards/game), and 4th in passing TDs. Peyton is pretty much beating him in every statistically category except in picks. Not to mention his team is 11-3, and he's starting to look shaky, just like he has the last few years. He just doesn't have the stamina to compete in a 16-game season anymore. In my opinion, all of that knocks Favre out of the running.

If New Orleans hadn't lost the other night, I'd still say Brees is the leading candidate... but they did lose, and that kind of muddles things up.

See.. that's kinda my point Chief, people talk as if Mannings working with scraps. I guess if Collie means working with rookies then you're right but let's compare
Reggie Wayne way better then Berrian
Dallas Clark, I'm sure you wouldn't trade him for Shancoe (spell check)
Collie, Harvin both rookies.
Garcon 2nd year man breaking out- Rice 3rd year man breaking out
Of course Favre has the better running back which I don't ignore but I also would say Manning has the luxury of a better blocking line.
(i hope you enjoy the discussion as I enjoy it with you Chief It's all in good fun to me, not trying to put any player down as they're all future Hall of Famers)

Geez... didn't see this coming. With the Saints suffering their second loss, Peyton can lock up his fourth MVP if he can close out the season with a couple good games (i.e. NO MORE PICKS!!!). I believe that would give him the record for most MVP awards. :smiley:

Well right now there's a poll on for MVP with Favre 27% and Manning 24% but it can be a bit misleading as Favre will usually win anything fan voted. I'm just happy I got my tickets for the Vikings game at home. Front row seats too :rockin:

It's certainly an interesting debade... but after reading Mike Sando's article, I think Peyton probably should win it. All the comeback wins he had this season. Just insane. He wasn't always flashy, but he got the job done. If management hadn't pulled him, I honestly think the Colts could've gone 16-0, and then there wouldn't be any doubt about who the MVP should be.

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That said, I wouldn't mind if they wanted to split it, like in 2003.

Eeeeeeee!!! Manning won his fourth MVP award! :smiley: