Since it's past the midway point of the season predictions are starting to come who will take MVP honours this year. Right now everyone has it as a 3 man race between Brees, Manning and Favre. I can't argue with anyone winnning as they all have a case. Right now Id give Favre te edge seeing what he's brought to the Vikings. The biggest surprise is im leading te NFL in passer rating and unbelievable 3 ints while Manning and Brees each have 9. The one thing is if one of the other 2 guys will remain undefeated it will go a long way in attracting votes

I'm a little curious about Favre's numbers. I wonder if his success has more to do with the Vikings than Favre actually tearing it up. Minnesota had a pretty good team before he came to town.

Right now, I think Peyton should get it. Waits for Homer calls to subside I just think he's playing great football right now. He threw two picks in the NE game, yet he still managed to put his team in a position to win. Sure, Belichick's gamble may have helped, but considering how hot Peyton was in the fourth quarter, I don't think it would've mattered if Belichick had opted to punt instead.

Edit: Another reason I think Peyton should get it is the Colts have virtually no running game, and yet Peyton leads the league is passing yards and completion percentage.

It proves eh Chief that nowadays you really don't need a great running game in the NFL to be very successful. Not the case not that long ago.

Provided you've got a Peyton-calibre QB...

And if you don't, it's tough to beat the Peyton passing type teams.

it depends too, a lot of teams run a short passing game which is basically their running game. I do believe come playoff time the Colts could use Addai. In the end the award often comes down to a popularity contest so we'll see who the writers are lovin on this year

Well, with his third straight game with at least two picks, Manning is officially out of the running for now. Granted, you can't blame him for the first pick, and you certainly can't blame him for the defence playing like a bunch of anorexic 10-year-old girls... but he's still out of the running. It's between Favre and Brees now. Manning is going to have to average 3 TDs and 0.5 picks per game for the rest of the season if he wants to get back in the picture.

Edit: Wow. Imagine that. The defence woke up. I missed most of the second half because I got watching the Grey Cup pre-game show and kind of forgot about the game... :lol: But even with the Colts coming back in the second half, I'm still not sure if Peyton should be leading the pack for the MVP. Yes, he put up some decent numbers (27 of 35, 77%, 244 yards, and 3 TDs) but you can't have three straight weeks with at least two picks. If he can get the picks under control, I might change my mind.

It's gotta be Manning. He is easily the smartest QB in the NFL. Maybe Brees gives him a run for the money... I guess it will be decided by whose team does better

I agree. He's by far the smartest QB, and it's hard to argue against him when he just completed 77% of his passes this afternoon... it's just the picks that are bothering me. He now has 11 on the season. If he throws four more, which isn't unreasonable considering they still have five games left, then he'll have his highest pick total since the 2002 season when he threw 19. He has to get the picks under control.

At least he's finding ways to win. I was surprised even Tony Dungy said Favre was the MVP. Lots can change yet though but might hurt Peyton that tey really have nothing left to play for so I'm not sure how big numbers he'll put up

After looking at the Minn/Chi game, I agree with Dungy. Favre had 392 yards, and 3 TDs. That puts him ahead of Manning. Like I said, if Manning wants to get back in the pictures, he needs to cut down on the picks. Seven in four games just isn't acceptable.

Yikes. Anyone watch MNF? That was disgusting. Drew Brees torched the Patriots defence. I think the MVP rankings now go... Brees, Favre, Manning.

If Titans make playoffs I think no one can discount Cris Johnson especially if he catches Dickerson's rushing record

Yeah, it's amazing how quickly he became the #1 RB in the league. Adrian who??? :lol:

I think Peyton did a good job of getting his name back in the MVP talk. He completed 24 of 37 (64.8%) for 270, 1 TD, and most importantly, NO PICKS!!! The offence didn't score much in the second half, but there were two key drives when Tennessee went for it twice on fourth down. The first time, Peyton was able to get them near the 10, giving them a little breathing room so they could punt it on the next play. The second time, Peyton drove them into Titan territory, and then with the clock winding down, started handing it off, and they kicked a FG, which pretty much put the game out of reach. So it was a good game for him, and exactly what he needed.

And I'm sure New Orleans losing won't hurt. :twisted: (Edit: Guess I spoke too soon... :x )


I vote for philip rivers.

I have changed my mind lol... I like Manning more, but Brees is just too good this year. And on a side note, I would still take AP over Chris Johnson.

Brees is just too good? They very nearly lost to the Redskins!!! :lol: If not for an untimely fumble, they probably would've lost. lol

So... He is ridic this year.

Well, the award officially belongs to Brees. No way in hell does Peyton deserve it, doesn't matter if the Colts win and the Saints lose. So far Peyton has completed less than 50% of his passes, and he's thrown 2 picks, his fourth 2 pick game of the season. Those aren't MVP numbers.

So congrats to Brees. :thup: