NFL moral compass continues to spin wildly... it's the Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones:

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no fan of this guy, but I don't buy this story at all.

for one thing, he is an old man. how does he force a young woman to do anything. expert here by any means, but lapdance maybe? still, it's only an allegation, and JJ would be due his day in court...

Why does NFL stuff keep getting posted in the CFL Talk forum? Is it too hard to scroll down the page to post in the Other Football Leagues forum?

lol - and surprise she's trying to get a million dollars.

Have to agree...speculation of course.

8. Defendant JERRY JONES intentionally, knowingly, and forcibly rubbed and/or grabbed Plaintiff’s buttocks multiple times. Defendant JERRY JONES performed these acts without the consent of Plaintiff. 9. Defendant JERRY JONES intentionally, knowingly, and forcibly rubbed and/or grabbed Plaintiff’s breasts multiple times. Defendant JERRY JONES performed these acts without the consent of Plaintiff. 10. Defendant JERRY JONES intentionally and knowingly forced Plaintiff to touch and/or rub on his penis multiple times. Defendant JERRY JONES forced Plaintiff to perform these acts without the consent of Plaintiff. 11. Defendant JERRY JONES intentionally, knowingly, and forcibly kissed Plaintiff on her neck multiple times without the consent of Plaintiff.
it goes on from there: [url=] ... .jones.pdf[/url]

Sounds to me like Jerry was getting frisky during a private dance. She didn't want to continue but the other girl did. Hey...get up and walk out then. Should he be doing these types of behaviour are relatively common under these scenerios,

I am sorry, I don't have a lot of faith in many in this situation. If one is sexually assaulted and is going after a large financial action I see it as a money grab...these victims generally want justice, not money.

Oh you are dishing out lap dances then you better get used to a little molestation... It sucks that the USA is a third world country and that the only way for a woman to pay for her education is to sell her body, but that is life in the US. She could of takin a job that paid less or lived on welfare and sold pot on the side.. She did have options and was not a sex slave like tens of thousands of women currently in the US.. Her job sucks...yes.. Her job was to get fondled by dirty old men and show them her private parts... She should not of taken the job if she didn't want it.

Sometimes you just need to shut up

Jones likely got frisky, and given that he's widely known as a party guy, wouldn't shock me. Really the question is where does this occur and what evidence does the accuser actually have. The filing doesn't go into specifics, and I suspect this ends up with get quashed at pre-trial for lack of evidence. The main issue here is the plaintiff is leading with a civil suit, with no criminal charges filed or a police report made as far as I can tell. It's hard to say "He sexually assaulted me, he should pay me but I don't want him sent to jail for it."

If this happen at a Strip Club (which given the exotic dancer component of the story seems to indicate), because it's Jerry Jones, no bouncer is going to touch him. Conversely is even a baseless charge results in a court settlement (because it's too much of a bother and cheaper to pay out, then to pay the legal fees and deal with the PR) then the person making said baseless charge has come out ahead.

If it's a case of this happens at home, how the heck the accused didn't just set herself up for prostitution charges is beyond me.

I'm a billionaire owner of the Cowboys, do what I say or I can make bad things happen, no one will take your word over mine.

Hence the team coverup angle on this one. Not saying it happened, just saying that's how. I'm pretty sure this isn't getting past pre-trial or it gets settled out of court.

Well, he can't write in the English language, and that hasn't stopped him from expressing his opinions. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the hits to the NFL's reputation keep coming. Now Adrian Peterson in trouble for hitting his kid with a switch.

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This is a real indicator of the poor conduct of so many NFL players. It is an 'Arrest Tracker - by team since 2000.

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Or this summary by type of charge

I have a feeling it might be tough for Goodell to last to be honest.

Great column on the Ray Rice domestic abuse story that Drew Edwards if the Ti-Cats blog The Scratching Post just tweeted a link to.

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