NFL Monday Football talks Grey Cup game

So basically, the Americans rather watch Division 1 teams destroy Division 2 teams, by scored like 82-6?

Sandusky isn't really all that far off. From a nationalistic point of view he's right. From a football point of view he's wrong. Most who really love football and have seen more than one game, know that the CFL is very high quality ball. It's really only the super patriots and the casual fans that don't understand the game who talk down about it. Also, the CFL is on obscure cable channels in many places, preventing many people from actually even knowing the games are televised. When they finally do they figure it's not good ball because it's not on a network channel.

He is right , Americans will not support anything that isn't American. They don't even watch NFL Europe and yet you think they will support the CFL . How many fans from Buffalo make the trek north to watch the Argos or Fans from Seattle to Lions games . NONE ! we get a bit piece of Media attention from a US network and Oh the NFL will support the CFL I don't think so . The owners have and never will share the spotlight with anything that distracts the viewing audiance from their product , the NFL is a marketing machine and once they get into the Southern Ont. market they will squeeze the CFL right out, and tell us all that Toronto's team is Canada's team and we will eat it up like candy and ask for more . Just look what the NBA did to Vancouver with the Grizzles I know its a different league and game but very simular marketing strategies .