NFL Mock Draft

well, it's almost here, heres mine. be as critical as you want, post your own if you like.
1.Miami Dolphins-QB Matt Ryan Boston College
2. St.Louis Rams-OT Jake Long Michigan
3. Atlanta Falcons-RB Derrick Mcfadden Arkansas
4. Oakland Raiders-DT Glenn Dorsey LSU
5. Kansas City Chiefs- CB Brandon Flowers Virginia
6. New York Jets-DE Chris Long Virginia
7. New England Patriots-CB Leodis Mckelvin Troy
8. Baltimore Ravens-WR Limas Sweed Texas
9. Cincinnati Bengals- DE Vernon Gholston OSU
10. New Orleans Saints-CB Mike Jenkins USF
11. Buffalo Bills-LB Keith Rivers USC
12. Denver Broncos-DE Derrick Harvey FLA
13. Carolina Panthers- OT Jeff Otah PITT
14. Chicago Bears- WR Desean Jackson Cal
15. Detroit Lions- DT Sedrick Ellis USC
16. Arizona Cardinals-CB Aqib Talib Kansas
17. Minnesota Vikings-DE Philip Merling Clemson
18. Houston Texans-RB Rashard Mendenhall ILL
19. Philadelphia Eagles- WR Mario Manningham Mich
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- DT Kentwan Balmer UNC
21. Washington Redskins- DE Calais Campbell Miami
22. Dallas Cowboys- RB Felix Jones Arkansas
23. Pittsburgh Steelers- OG Branden Albert Virginia
24. Tennessee Titans- WR Malcolm Kelly Oklahoma
25. Seattle Seahawks- TE John Carlson ND
26. Jacksonville Jaguars- WR Early Doucet LSU
27. San Diego Chargers- Dominique Rodgers CromartieTSU
28. Dallas Cowboys- OT Ryan Clady Vanderbilt
29. San Francisco 49ers- OG Chilo Rachal USC
30. Green Bay Packers- OT Sam Baker USC
31. New York Giants- LB Xavier Adibi Virginia Tech

Not a hope Ryan goes first. It will be Long, McFadden or Dorsey.

Not Mcfadden, his legs go dead on contact. Personally i think Mendenhall is better, but Mcfadden has to much hype on him, so he will be the first RB. Dorsey has no durability. Chris Long maybe, but finding a franchise QB is what is most important. Jake Long is just no. Personally i don't think Miami even has the first overall pick. I think Dallas trades both their firsts, their second and third and Barber for it and picks Mcfadden up first overall, which would be a mistake. I'm not the biggest Ryan fan, but he is best available. No other QB is worth a first round selection. My personal favourite QB in this draft is Joe Flacco of Delaware. He will not be first though because he went to a small school and he has poor foot work. The guy has a cannon of an arm though, he can throw as far as Russell did last year.

I thought the Patriots lost their 1st round pick as per spygate? Or would that be the 31st pick, and the higher pick is one they got from another team?

yes that is correct

I think they should have lost both... I don't care if they did trade for it. :lol:

you know what. spy gate is a joke. they did it, it's over, so what. every team in the league does it

You are dumb if you believe that.

no i am not, i am just sick of it. it is really getting old. so what if they did it? they did it, they were punished, it is over, or at least it should be. no need to call me names over my opinion.

I agree about the name-calling, it's unnecessary, but I'd hardly say it's over. Goodell has now admitted that Belichick has told him the Pats have been doing it since 2000, not 2006. We hardly have the full story.'s true, you'd be silly to think the Pats are the ONLY team in the NFL who do this type of thing...everyone knew this stuff was going on and it wasn't until the Jets publically called out the Pats that all of a sudden, whoo-wee, it's BIG NEWS...

...why do you think OC's and Coaches that send plays in over their radios cover their mouths with their hand or playcard when they talk? prevent lip readers from picking up on their signals...and guess what? happens without a Patriot even in the game...

exactly RW2005. Every team steals signals. I just believe Eric Mangini was very bitter toward Belichik and brought it to public attention. anyways theres already a thread for this. lets get back on topic about the nfl draft. anyone hear Dallas is thinking of trading both their 1st round picks, their second and third and the rights to Marion Barber to Miami? they are stupid if they do this.

I didnt say not more than one team does it. Im saying you are dumb if you honestly believe everyone does it.

And there’s a difference between what the Pats did and having “lip readers.” But you’re right. This topic isn’t about what the Pats did.

If the Cowboys do what you say they want to do, then they’re truly stipid. :expressionless:

heres an update, i'll have the final one a week before the draft1. Miami Dolphins- DE Chris Long
2. St. Louis Rams- OL Jake Long
3. Atlanta Falcons- QB Matt Ryan
4. Oakland Raiders- DT Glenn Dorsey
5. Kansas City Chiefs- OT Jeff Otah
6. New York Jets- DE Vernon Gholston
7. New England Patriots- CB Leodis Mckelvin
8. Baltimore Ravens- OT Ryan Clady
9. Cincinatti Bengals- DT Sedrick Ellis
10. New Orleans Saints- CB Mike Jenkins
11. Buffalo Bills- WR Malcolm Kelly
12. Denver Broncos- OT Chris Williams
13. Carolina Panthers- RB Darren Mcfadden
14. Chicago Bears- WR Desean Jackson
15. Detroit Lions- RB Rashard Mendenhall
16. Arizona Cardinals-CB Aqib Talib
17. Minnesotta Vikings- DE Derrick Harvey
18. Houston Texans- RB Johnathan Stewart
19. Philadelphia Eagles- WR Limas Sweed
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- DT Kentwan Balmer
21. Washington Redskins- Calais Campbell
22. Dallas Cowboys- RB Felix Jones
23. Pittsburgh Steelers- OG Branden Albert
24. Tennessee Titans- WR Devin Thomas
25. Seattle Seahawks- TE Dustin Keller
26. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Philip Merling
27. San Diego Chargers- S Kenny Philips
28. Dallas Cowboys- DB Dominique Rodgers Cromartie
29. San Francisco 49ers- DE Quentin Groves
30. Green Bay Packers- CB Antoine Cason
31. New York Giants- LB Dan Connor