NFL MNF game thread - Rams vs Niners

nice toss and catch.

lol the pbp guy “jimmy g”

JG was almost pasted there

Those white pants (at least to me) do not look nice with the 49ers red jerseys.

white pants should always be illegal lol

most double teamed player!

what a stat :face_with_spiral_eyes:

niners on the move. lots of short passing.

waste of a time-out

Jimmy G is from a town not far from me.
My co-worker had a negative experience with his dad once and now has a permanent grudge against him!


where’s Lyle? he should be here so i can troll him with my lack of football knowledge

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Not really - bet Shanahan picked out something for Jimmy...

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yea good point, may have recognized something the D was doing. i’m always critical of early game timeouts but i forget that NFL does them differently.

what a run! TD niners

rams D rolled out the red carpet to the endzone for him

Told you he spotted something....

Passed out or sleeping it off...

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my beer is too fizzy :neutral_face:

this looks like a decent game to be at. i love cali.

stafford sacked!

NFL needs more kick off and punt returns

They were discussing dropping the opening kickoff a couple years ago. I think they should. It is so rare there is a return it's just a waste of time.

NFL punting is rarely returned. Only when you are desperate...

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niners offence is looking effective. lots of quick passes.

i can’t imagine the crappy view from the those seats way up in the top level there

dude should have hung on to that pass

that touchback was weird

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Oline problems for the Rams. Could be a long night for Stafford.

Not that Bosa has been making his life easy so far but he's a blocking assignment you can't miss.

woah i thought he was gonna grab that blocked pass and go

another 3 and out

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dammit i accidentally deleted my comment instead of editing lol

anyways, watching NFL this year has made me realize how really mediocre the CFL has been lately.

I saw it. Reality is there is too much recycling coaches and players and GM's when we need to be getting some new blood in the front offices.

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