NFL MNF game thread - Rams vs Niners

Rams vs Niners, at Levi Stadim

Stanford vs Garopollo

Garopollo is Chargers QB???

Yeah...Should be a good game this one...

Yup. Starter was hurt so....

haha i fixed it. had the wrong LA area teams all mixed up in my head

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I knew what you meant.... (unlike Lyle and is posts......You should not drink and post....)

rams on the move early

haha i am drinking though! :grin::beer:

but but but, the 49ers are not even an LA team :slight_smile:

bay area whatever. i’m canadian lol

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hee hee

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yea where are the raiders these days? lol

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Not you - him....

The Oakland-Los Angeles-Oakland-Las Vegas Raiders.
Not to be confused with the Los Angeles-San Diego-Los Angeles Chargers.

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hehe. not sure he’s ever sober.

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i have no team allegiance in this one. i just want a good game.

Go Rams

i love their unis, especially the lids.

Nice stop by the 9ers defence....just a FG

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my NFL knowledge of these teams this season is limited. who should be the stronger team? i’m assuming the rams, since this is a divisional game and rams are first and niners are 4th.

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"Should" be is a good term. The Rams "should be" the stronger team but the 9er's have had a lot of success against them the last few years...

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