NFL MNF Bengals vs Browns

a very nice tiger striped helmet team versus a boring reddish brown helmet team

hoping for another Joe Burrow show

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this might be a first half beer night :jack_o_lantern::beer:

Based on the last two games for the Bengals - I wouldn't bet on the Browns tonight.


i do like when there are actual kick off returns

what a throw by Burrow on third down

Bengals marching on their first possession

omg tipped ball and picked off

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no chase tonight

Ouch....tip drill....

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Browns D will likely have to come up big like that all night in order to win

woah nice hurdle by the Browns receiver

i wanted to know what a Brown was. this is cool:


Almost forgot there was a game tonight.

i love football history. i had no idea that’s who or what the team name referred to.

this is a rivalry so i’m intrigued. i love intrastate and geographic type rivalries.

omg he’s Solly from Monsters Inc lol

what a pass and catch on third down holy

Browns D has actually been pretty decent so far.

Burrow gets burrowed with a sack!

CFL punting seems so much harder than NFL because of the larger field. but i know it isn’t somehow. what do my eyes see? i see NFL punters kicking straight up so often. then i see CFL directional punting and it appears more difficult. Jon Ryan would have the answers.

It's the rivalry thing. Browns D is 15th overall so that's about as average as you get...

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oh dear Cooper threw it to the wrong team

how far is Cleveland from Cincy? i’m too lazy to look

Edmonton Calgary kind of thing....

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i looked lol.

i did not know that columbus was halfway

so by that logic then columbus is red deer hah

NFL punters are far superior to CFL punters, just like place kickers are. Their hang time is obscene. I saw a game once where a punt was blown dead because it bounced off a low hovering UFO.


yea i noticed the ridiculous hang times and have seen some brutal turnovers by returners who have called fair catch.