NFL: Missed field goal kick...RETURNED!!!

I was shocked to see it in an NFL game. It's such a rarity.

From the Sports Network:

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie set a record for the longest play in NFL history Sunday when he returned a missed field goal 109 yards for a touchdown versus the Minnesota Vikings.

Minnesota's Ryan Longwell was short on a 57-yard field goal attempt and Cromartie caught the ball at the back of the end zone. He immediately raced toward the right sideline and was untouched on his way to the end zone.

didnt devin hester have one last season?

or was that by someone else on the bears 2 seasons ago?

i no it was like 108 yards or 107

and how about A.D, wow what a game

You're right Jordan. Hester had one last year and Vasher had one the year before for the Bears.
Gotta give Berman credit on the highlights he showed the only way there could be a longer one and showed a CFL one for 129 yards. The other guys were wondering where he keeps finding those tapes. LOL