[NFL] Marty Schottenheimer Fired!

14-2 & still let go!

I understand he's success or lack of in the playoffs factored into this but wow 14-2 speaks loud


Philosophical differences with the GM I think I heard. No kidding, diffrences with someone in the org when you go 14-2.

Thats ridiculous.

....I heard it was because Marty allowed a couple of his assistants to talk to other clubs about potential jobs....pretty dumb move to let him go though IMO....

Geez if they fire you for 14-2 do they burn You in oil if you go 2-14? :? :?

In Regina, 14-2 would get you elected Mayor! :wink:

In Regina, 14-2 would get you elected Mayor!
Sportsmen: you're in mid season form! How many days to kick-off?


I have too much time on my hands in winter! :lol:

Kickoff is far to long away! Glad the schedule came out today so I can plan my trips to the Lower Mainland!

Now watch them go way down from 14-2. He hadn't won them the Superbowl yet , but then that's what they said about Manning too .